Last Saturday, while driving to my friend’s surprise birthday party, I passed a big yard sale. Since  the party was being held an hour from my house, I left 45 minutes earlier than I needed to ( the thought being I would rather be 45 minutes early than one minute late and spoil the surprise). I figured I could stop by ever so quickly and take a quick peak.  Even though  it was rather late in the morning for scoring any  great bargains, the number of cars and people mulling around warranted more than a drive by.

Boy am I glad I stopped! Check out my treasures, the cost and what I did with them once I got them home.

I found these two beautiful green Majolica vases for $3.00 each.


Here is one filled with the last of my Peonies that the huge rain storm spared.




I found three hard cover decorating books for $1.00 each.

Fun to look at but also great for adding some height to my ever changing table scape.


I also nabbed these gorgeous blue and white Japanese transfer ware plates . The back is stamped “made in Occupied Japan”.. total cost $1.00 a plate.

I am such a sucker for plates with animals on them..esp. dogs (although I thought at first they were pigs)


And my most exciting find of the sale??  A bag full of silver numbers and letters. The whole lot was just  .50 cents….yes..only .50 cents!! I am not EXACTLY sure what I want to do with these but I have a few  crafty ideas…..of course  involving paint.




I hope you enjoyed seeing my big score and please let me know if you have any fun ideas for my silver numbers and letters!

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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