I spent a wonderful afternoon last week checking out American glass artist Dale Chihuly. The MFA in Boston is showcasing his work with a new show called Through The Looking Glass. I first saw Chihuly’s amazing talent at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas several years ago.  Over two thousand flowers are lit from above and hang over your head at check in. Although they are called “flowers”, I thought they looked more like a kaleidoscope of colorful jellyfish gliding  over head.

Chihuly Bellagio lobby

It’s a huge draw for tourists and although you can’t see it in the photo all the guests stand in line to check in looking stright up the whole time. It’s quite comical. Here is another closer look at the ceiling.

Ceiling detail at the Bellagio Hotel


The Boston show also featured a fabulous glass ceiling. The room was dark and the ceiling was lit from above so it was just like you were underwater.



How beautiful!

Since I am always curious as to what inspires artists (like in this post) for Chihuly it is Native American textiles.

Here is a photo of his collection which was on display.


Chiluly's textile collection at MFA


Chihuly’s glass pieces are just a feast for the eyes, beautiful colors and shapes.




The real show stopper for me  however was an entire room filled with Chandeliers. Chihuly says his Chandeliers are his most complex constructions, and I can only imagine how much time and patience go into creating them.

Here are two of my favorites: I love this turquoise snake looking one.


and this green one reminds me of filled water balloons.




Here is a close up of the green one…just look at the detail!



When I got home I did a little additional research on his Chandeliers. It seems you can buy one to put in your own home.  I assume to handle one of Chihuly’s  Chandeliers your home would have to be something like this one in Beverley Hills   (currently on the market for 12.5 Million).


Mueller Designs


But what about the “average” non multi-multi-million dollar home. It goes without saying you would have to have tall ceilings and a very large lighting budget. Also, don’t even THINK of having, or ever having, children.  Can’t you just imagine an errant ball whizzing by and a little voice saying, “oh, oh…”


A little more research and I was able to find a few photos of (more average) homes that do indeed have one of Chihuly’s Chandelier masterpieces.


I think the one below looks great in this beach house since the chandelier looks a little like something that washed up on the beach…plus, is the only thing really happening in the room.





I am not loving this look below. The dining room looks very traditional and the Chandelier is screaming… WOO HOO… Look at me!



I think it works better in this tall staircase below, but how do you clean it? or change a bulb?… Maybe Chihuly has a staff that goes around dusting and cleaning.



One last thought, is it just me or do they look a little dangerous to have inside your home?  They are so pointy and sharpe that I fear I would be constantly looking up, concerned that it might fall.


Now those gorgeous glass ceilings?…sign me up!!


I would love to hear what you think? Would you hang one in your home?


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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