Dealing With  “Ghosts of Owners Past”

Dealing With “Ghosts of Owners Past”

Moving into a new home comes with lots of excitement and anticipation.  Most of us can’t wait to make our new house “our home”. Often times this means purging decorating decisions that were made by the previous owners; things I call “Ghosts of...
Testing Wall Color 101

Testing Wall Color 101

When it comes time to paint, most of us start out at the same place; either the paint store or the paint department of one the big box stores. After looking over 100’s of chips we decide on a few different possibilities and then come home to test them out (I...
Fear Not the Decorating Police

Fear Not the Decorating Police

A few weeks back I went to see a new client for a color consult. She was a lovely woman and she met me at the door wearing white pants, a pink top, pink jewelry, and pink flip flops.  She had called me to help her match a soft white that she currently had on...

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