Moving into a new home comes with lots of excitement and anticipation.  Most of us can’t wait to make our new house “our home”. Often times this means purging decorating decisions that were made by the previous owners; things I call “Ghosts of Owners Past”.  Some of these changes are relatively easy and inexpensive, such as repainting walls, swapping out light fixtures, or ripping out carpet to expose hard wood floors. Other changes are not so easy, nor inexpensive: dated kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, wall to wall carpet (without hard wood underneath), dated (or ugly) tiles, and dated (or ugly) bathroom fixtures. These are expensive fixes and may be years before budget allows a redo.

Recently I was asked to to help deal with a “ghost of owners past”


BEFORE: blue tub, blue and white wall tiles


The new owner was not a fan of the blue bath tub and the surrounding blue and white tile.  Redoing the bath was not in the budget and she did not want to go to the expense of re-glazing; so what to do?

First of all, the dated blue metal blinds had to go. Also, nothing dates a room faster than 1980’s brass so a new tub surround was added. The biggest problem with this bathroom was that the white walls and white tile floor made the blue bathtub even more prominent.  Since blue was the only color in the room, your eye went right to it.

The client had already picked out a very pretty blue and white window treatment so we decided to bring the blue of the tub right up onto the walls. Now when you walk in the room your eyes go to the  pretty blue walls and window treatment and you hardly even notice the tub. The client is thrilled and the cost was minimal to deal with this “Ghost of Owners past”.



AFTER:new paint, new tub surround, new window treatments


Do you have Ghosts of Owners Past in your Home?  If so, and  you would like some help dealing with them, give me a call.



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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