It’s still October and crazy as it seems, the North East has just gone through the first major snow storm of the season.  Just like thousands of others, we lost power, so this is my first post written by way of a generator. Gotta love living in the Country!

Since tomorrow is Halloween I want to share a few of my favorite local Halloween Yard Art. Besides being different and creative all three homeowners get big kudos for not using a single plastic or inflatable pumpkin, ghost or witch.


Scary Horseman


Standing about 13 feet tall, this skeleton on his three headed horse is positioned just around a bend on a dark winding country road. I met the homeowner while taking this photo and she told me the police have been called twice by passing motorists, who while driving home in the dark, were so startled they complained they almost had a car accident. (Her neighbor told her she should keep it up all year to slow down the cars).


Scarecrow Ghouls


These three ghouls are in a big field and are lit up at night with spot lights…very spooky!


Two witches stirring up a pot of brew

This one is my favorite. My friend’s Step Dad made this. He owns a construction company and for every  Season/Holiday he creates a different yard art… always using tires. He is so creative and never seems to run out of ideas for new displays. This was last years Halloween display.


2010 Halloween


And here is the year before that


2009 Halloween Tire Art


I don’t know if everyone else in town looks as forward to his new creations as I do but with Halloween tomorrow I know it is only a matter of weeks before I see something like this.




2010 Christmas Tire Art





Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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