Design Boston 2011 wrapped up last week at the Boston Design Center and in my previous post I shared wisdom from Candice Olson.  As promised, I wanted to share a little something from the other two Design Super Stars who also spoke; Juan Montoya and Martyn Lawrence Bullard. I will start with Juan Montoya. I can not believe I had actually never heard of him. I learned he is one of the most acclaimed Designers in the world and a true Icon. He shared images from a few of his recent projects as well as introduce his new furniture line for Century Furniture.


Juan Montoya


Based on his talk, he seems to design for gazillionaires. He showed slide after slide of jaw dropping  incredible homes. Many of his interiors have “not your average design elements” such as a “morning kitchen” off the master bedroom suite or sterling silver used as a design feature on the back of a door.


I do love the beautiful leather tiles on the wall in this library.


Don’t you just  love the hits of turquoise and red in this beautifully designed room below.




Martyn Lawrence Bullard was equally as fascinating. He is one of the stars of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. Although I have heard about the show,  we do not get Bravo so I unfortunately, I have never seen it. He told some great stories about his life, his travels, and his famous clients.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Bullard came to Los Angles from England not be a designer but to be an actor. It was a chance encounter with actress Cheryl Tiegs  at a wedding that launched his entire design career. To this day he credits her for every single job he has done. Recently Bullard  has partnered with Schumacher to design the most beautiful fabrics. The colors and patterns are incredible and many of the fabrics are hand embroidered in India and China. The price point is somewhat high ($98-$200+ a yard) but they really are exquisite.







This blue and white fabric below is one of the hand embroidered ones. Just Imagine the time and labor that goes into creating this.


Check out the combination of colors in this fabric below.



Bullard’s client list reads like a Who’s Who of major Hollywood stars so it’s no surprise to see such a bold use of colour and pattern.  Strong schemes for strong personalities. For the rest of us…we can still dream…and use the fabric.


As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on Juan Montoya, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, or the new fabric for Schumacher.


















Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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