Many of you may not remember but back in the 1990’s a very popular paint trend was white walls with very dark green trim. In fact, my husband and I painted the living room in our very first house that exact combination and I loved it. Of course way back then,  I knew nothing about color “flow” and in the adjoining room I painted the walls yellow and the trim blue.

Today though, most people seem to default to some type of white trim. Although white is perfectly fine (although which white?) there are actually 3 different ways to handle trim color.  So before you grab that can of white I hope you will give all three options some thought.


Option #1.  Light Trim with Darker Walls.



This is by far, the most common, and is a perfectly good way to paint a room. White or light trim gives a nice clean look that makes the wall color pop.


Option #2.  Darker Trim, Lighter Walls.



Looking for a little drama? Black or dark trim could be just what your room needs. Dark trim will make beautiful architectural features the show stopper in the room and if you live in house where the moldings are worth showcasing this might be the way to go.

Not quite ready for such a dramatic statement? How about a soft color on your trim? Although not as dramatic as black it will still draw attention to a beautiful room feature.





Don’t you just love the orange painted window trim as the one pop of color in an otherwise very white kitchen?





Option #3. Trim and Wall the same color.




Rooms with awkward doors or uninspiring trim can benefit by painting out everything the same color. The room will become more of a seamless box and the furnishings can take center stage. A bedroom is a great place for option #3 because bathroom and closet doors chop up the wall space. By painting everything out the same color, the bed can take center stage and the room becomes more relaxing and unified.



Even though this room below is a hot bright color, it still looks relaxing and almost reads as a neutral due to the fact that the entire room is all wrapped in the same color.



Can’t decide between option 1, 2, or 3? …maybe this photo below will be the newest trend in painted trim.






So how do you take your trim? Would you still default to white or are you an option #2 or #3 type?

Are you planing on painting in 2012? Please give me a call if you would like help choosing trim or wall color.

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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