One of the hottest new Design trends of 2012 is Ombre. A French word which translates to “shadow”,  Ombre is simply a gradation in hue from light to dark or dark to light.

Ombre dresses at NY fashion week



When I first started to notice the Ombre hair trend, I thought the celeb really needed to get to her stylist. Now I understand it is a “look” and not a way to simply save on Salon visits.



Wedding cakes and pastries are all showing off with Ombre.


pink ombre cake eddie Ross

pink ombre cake by Eddie Ross



Pretty much everything that has color is showing up as Ombre.


 Ombre paper from katie's Wish on Etsy

Ombre paper from katie’s Wish on Etsy


Here are a few ways you can incorporate the Ombre trend in your home.


pink ombre desk

 Pink Ombre desk


Notice the desk chair has been “ombre’d” as well.


Ombre rugs have been popular for several years now.





ombre drapes, House Beautiful.


This shower curtain from Anthropologie is one of my favorites.


ombre shower curtain from Anthropologie




So how about you like the Ombre trend?  Would you use it in your home?


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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