Last week while at a color consult my client said she wanted her bedroom to feel warm and cozy and wanted to paint the walls Blue……wait, what???

Since childhood weren’t we taught that Blue along with Green and Purple were the cool colors while Red, Orange, and Yellow were the warm colors?

Although it is true that Blue is a cool color, here are two things you can do to achieve the feel of a warm and cozy room and still paint your walls blue.

#1.  Pick a “warm” blue. Blues range in hue from icy cold to warm so be sure to pick a blue with more gray or yellow in it.  Look at this color temperature scale below.

color temperature scale

color temperature scale

I know it seems backwards but Color temperatures over 5,000K are called cool colors (blueish white), while lower color temperatures (2,700–3,000 K) are called warm colors (yellowish white through red)

The closer the blue gets to yellow the warmer it appears.  Cool blues are bright, happy and energizing, often leaning a little to the purple side like a powder blue or a cornflower blue, while Warm blues tend to lean a little to the turquoise side and are more relaxing and soothing.

Can you “feel” the difference between this cool blue bedroom

cool blue bedroom

cool blue bedroom

and this warmer blue bedroom below.

"warm" blue bedroom

"warm" blue bedroom

#2. Use Warm accent colors to warm up a Blue bedroom.

Elaine Griffin blue bedroom

Elaine Griffin Design

The warm brown wood of the bed as well as the  Orange pillows and duvet create a warm and cozy feeling in this blue bedroom. In the bedroom below the jolt of Orange in the quilt keeps the room from feeling too cold.



Same idea here in this blue bed room below. Although the walls are a seemingly “cool” blue, all the red accents keep it from feeling cold.

Blue bed room red accents


Personally, I love Blue for a bed room since it is such a calming and restful color. What about you? What color is your bed room? If it’s blue, is it a warm or cool blue?

Please contact me if you would like help creating a beautiful bedroom, blue or any other color!

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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