When I was a kid I took “fashion class” in middle school and the teacher told us to never pair Orange with Pink. She told us they were clashing colors and I have a clear memory of her making us write in all capital letters; “NEVER WEAR ORANGE AND PINK TOGETHER”. Over the past few years orange and pink have been a very hot color trend. It’s taken me awhile to embrace the combo but I have finally put my childhood programming behind me and have grown to love the pairing.

An Orange and Pink room may not be in your future but a Summer table setting  is the perfect time to have some fun with this juicy and refreshing color combo. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pink and orange table setting


Orange and pink fabric runners with coordinating fruit and flowers would cheer up even the plainest of back yard picnic tables.

orange and pink table setting

via Belle Maison

This table setting is so simple yet inviting with orange and pink roses and coordinating napkins and drinks.

Cynthia Martyn Events

Cynthia Martyn Events

I love the above table styling by Cynthia Martyn Events. Wouldn’t this make the perfect Summer luncheon for a few girl friends?

Pink and orange home made table cloth


Here is a cute idea for a DIY orange and pink crate paper table cloth. Maybe a little time consuming but think of it as a giant lattice pie crust. 

pink and orange

image by Amorology

This hot pink tablecloth with orange napkins and pink ribbon table favors is so happy and fun.

pink and orange candy bar

via project nursery

And who wouldn’t love to visit this orange and pink candy bar at a baby shower or Birthday party.

Now to my 7th grade fashion class teacher…I have just one thing to say…YOU WERE WRONG!


OB-orange and pink fashion boardred

What do you think of Orange and Pink? Did you ever hear never put them together or was I the only one?

If you would like choosing the perfect color or with Summer decorating, give me a call at 617-965-3342.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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