As a Home Stager I am very sensitive to how much (or little) my clients should spend when they are getting their home ready to sell. No one likes to spend money on a house they will be leaving but unless your home doesn’t need to be staged, like I wrote about here, chances are you need to spend something in order to show your home at it’s absolute best.

Although every home is unique and I advise each client to spend money based on their particular situation, the following three fixes will pay you back 100% (or more) and in my opinion are the best ways to spend your staging dollars.

#1. Curb Appeal. 

We all know how important first impressions are when it comes to selling your home. Spending a few dollars to freshen up your curb appeal will definitely pay off. The bushes should be trimmed, the lawn should be mowed and the front gardens should look well kept. Investing in fresh mulch, healthy looking plants and maybe a few potted flowers at the entrance will start buyers off with a positive impression of your home. Also, be sure your walk way is clear and your front door sparkling clean or freshly painted.

#2. Paint


The power of paint to freshen up or even transform your home can not be under estimated. I think paint is one of the biggest bang for your bucks when it comes to Staging. Most buyers want a move in ready home these days and freshly painted walls not only look better but give the impression of a well cared for home. Fresh paint is especially important if you currently have dark walls or very taste specific colors in your home. Try one of the new on trend neutral colors like warm gray, gray green or, gray green blue like in the photo above. A note of caution. A poorly done DIY paint job is worse than not painting at all, so if your painting skills aren’t near perfect, then hire a professional. A sloppy paint job can actually lower the value of your home.

#3. Renting a storage locker or POD.

Craig J. Sorensen

photo: Craig J. Sorensen

 Let’s fact it, just about every house has too much “stuff” in it. Too many toys, too many clothes, too many expired spices, too many books, too much clutter period! When you list your home for sale it is the perfect time to take charge and get rid of it. For those that absolutely can’t bare to part with all that stuff, moving it to the basement or garage is NOT the answer. You need to remove it from the house completely. Buyers want to see your entire home and any space with clutter or stacked boxes sends a subtle message to buyers that the house doesn’t have enough storage. Whatever you spend on storage rental is well worth it to make your home look uncluttered, larger…and most important to get it sold!

How about you, what fixes do you think are most important when selling your home?

If you would like to schedule a staging consult to get some help deciding the best ways to spend your staging dollars give me a call.

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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