On September 27th we lost our 13 year old Weimaraner, Tucker…A.K.A. Tuckman, Tuckey, Big Boy.  It was a very sudden and traumatic loss as there was no warning and he had no illness. He passed away at home after suffering from complications from a very minor surgical procedure to remove a cyst on his eye lid.  Our family is heart broken as he was the the special one, the once in a life time dog, the dog “love of our lives”.


In order to deal with my grief I felt I needed to dedicate a post to Tucker; not as a sad narrative of loosing him but to celebrate his wonderful happy and long life.

Tucker was my older son Ben’s 13 Birthday present. He had begged for “his own dog” for several years as his younger bother had claimed our first dog Maddy as “his dog”. This is Tucker the day we got him Sept. 7th 1999.

He was the cutest little puppy and adored our other dog Maddy (kind of looks like my younger son who’s in the photo is claiming both dogs as his).

He grew big really quickly and soon towered over our little Madddy… hence the nick name”Big Boy”, as Maddy was now “Little Girl”. He was such a big part of my boys life and was in every Christmas photo until recently when we stopped doing Christmas photos because the boys got “too old” for Christmas photos.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit but Tucker was very spoiled and never shy about making himself comfortable on the choicest spot on the sofa. This usually involved his head on a pillow or two and his arms and legs stretched out.

I honestly don’t think Tucker knew he was a dog. He did almost everything we did and went almost everywhere we went. This past year my husband has worked at home and every single morning he and Tucker went to Starbucks.  Tucker would ride like a human right in the front passenger seat and patiently wait in the car while my husband got his coffee and Tucker got his petite scone or whatever yummy treat my husband thought he would enjoy that day.

Like all Weimaraners, Tucker LOVED to run. I can best describe him as bursting with joy when he was let loose in the woods or on the beach. He would run way ahead then run equally as fast back to us as if saying…come on…Let’s go! This photo is one of my happiest memories of him on the beach in the Winter when dogs are allowed to run free.

We had planned a hike with him this weekend but instead we are mourning his loss. I am grateful though for the memories and photo of the last hike we went on just a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day and while visiting our son in Burlington VT we decided to hike Camels Hump. This is the last photo I have of him…glad it is such a happy memory…. He was one special dog and he will live in our hearts for ever.

Goodbye my sweet boy, you are now with Maddy once again…rest in peace.

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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