One of the hottest trends in interiors today is super large art photography. Even though I no longer make my living taking photos, this is a trend that really excites me.

I’m not talking about the 16″ x 20″ wedding photo hanging in your bedroom. I’m referring to HUGE photos that make a powerful statement and become the focal point of the room. Since not all photos  look great super big I thought I would share a few tips for creating your own wall worthy photos.

Look at interesting shapes and forms. I snapped the photo below with my cell phone while getting off a plane in Charlotte, NC.  The sun was just going down and created a beautiful back drop for the shape of the plane and the abstract view of the city of Charlotte way in the background.

Click on any photo to enlarge

I designed a room my photo might look good in…maybe a down town loft space or a bachelor pad.

Photos that tell a Color story make great art photos. Color is one of the most import decisions when decorating a room and the photos below create a wonderful color study of green and purple.

Here is the fun room I chose to put these in.

Take photos from different angels. Rather than always taking your pictures straight on, think about different angels you can use.

Flip your images to Black and White. Yes I know, black and white photography is so “old school” but in my opinion even mediocre images look better in black and white.

joes pond VT

While I was visiting the Boston Design Center last week I couldn’t help but notice this window vignette.

and then today this image was on Mrs. Howard’s blog…very coincidental don’t you think?

Mrs. Howard

Mrs. Howard

yup.. definitely one hot trend.

What do you think of large art photography?  Have you considered using it in your home?

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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