Remember back in the 1990’s when the color Burgundy was so popular in interiors?  It seemed like half the houses on our street had Burgundy dining rooms and who could forget the oh so popular Burgundy, Forest Green and Gold plaid sofa. Well guess what…it’s BAAACK.

Burgundy was one of the hottest color trends on the runway this past Fall and is trending equally strong for Spring 2013. Today’s Burgundy has been given a bit of a make over (less Red/Purple than the Burgundy of the 1990’s) and Christened with a new name; Oxblood. If you like the color, but like me are haunted by the Burgundy of the 90’s here are a few ways to use the new burgundy and still keep your room fresh and current.

 Try pairing Burgundy walls with lots of lighter neutrals in the furnishings, carpet and accessories like in the room below.burgundy paired with neutral

You can also try the reverse and use Burgundy in the furnishings and accessories while keeping the walls neutral.


Another way to keep Burgundy from looking like 1990 is to pair it with something other than green or gold. The room below looks modern and fresh when Burgundy has been paired with blue.

burgundy and blue

burgundy and blue

Personally I am still on the fence about Burgundy. I never liked it in the 90’s and I’m still not sure I am ready to embrace it now. I must say though when I saw this image below from Elle Decor I thought …maybe just maybe…I could learn to love it.

oxblood interior elle decor

oxblood interior elle decor

What do you think of Burgundy? Are you ready to welcome it back into your home?



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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