This time of the year a lot of us are suffering from holiday let down or the Winter Blues. In the North East the days are short and cold, causing many to feel just a little tired. Our rooms can look tired this time of the year as well but adding a little energy is easier than you think and can be just what is needed for a mid Winter pick me up.

As a Boston area decorator here are my 3 favorite ways to add a little UMPH to a room.

1. Bold graphic patterns are not only a huge trend right now but a great way to boost your room’s energy. Incorporate a fun bold graphic in your room by bringing in new throw pillows, a rug, or a graphic fabric.

Graphic pillows, rugs, fabric

The graphic wall treatment and the three throw pillows add just enough energy to this bedroom to keep the room from looking tired while still retaining a soothing and restful look.

Laura Martin Bovard design

Try swapping out your current neutral rug with one of the new affordable Graphic rugs.  This one below is from West Elm and will really add a punch to your room.

west elm rug

west elm rug

Using a colorful graphic fabric for window treatments will definitely amp up your room and add pizzazz to even the most neutral of rooms. I love how the red graphic drapes below really help this room come alive.

Tracery Interiors

Tracery Interiors

 2. Changing up your room’s floor plan is another way to add new energy and it doesn’t cost a dime. Simply by moving things around you will create a new energy and that is sometimes all the refreshing up you need. Try moving your furniture off the wall. Float your sofa or chairs around a coffee table to create an intimate conversation area.

maria killam

Maria Killam Design

If your room is somewhat square try placing the sofa on the diagonal; it will boost the energy of the room because diagonals are the most dynamic of all the lines.

Patrick Baglino design

Patrick Baglino design

 #3. Color. You can never understate the power of color for adding energy to a room. Bright bold Color is so popular now and and the choices are endless. You can ease into incorporating a bold color simply by adding a bright pillow or go all out and add a statement piece of furniture. 

I love these colorful lamps from Lamps Plus and they come in dozens of different colors. They are even color coded to Sherwin Williams and Pantone paint colors . I recently purchased one for my client in SW6882.

Lamps Plus

Of course if you are really brave and craving some energy you can always paint a high energy color on the walls. Just be sure you surround the bright color with plenty of neutral to give they eye a place to rest.

Using a very bold color in small doses especially with white and black is a great way to add some interest and high energy to a space without overwhelming it. I fell in love with the entrance below. Talk about adding energy to what could be a very boring entrance! It makes me want to run up those stairs to see the rest of the house.

 What is your favorite way to add a little energy to your room? Graphic prints? Color? or by rearranging the furniture?

If your New Years Resolution was to get your house in shape in 2013, please contact me.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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