Have you heard about the newest trend in the work place? It’s called a walking desk.  Quite surprisingly, studies have shown that long periods of sitting is actually worse for our health than a steady diet of junk food. Well the idea of a walking desk was actually first presented to me by my husband. He is a software engineer and his entire working life has been spent sitting at a desk all day long writing software. For the past 18 months my husband has been working from home and last Summer he decided that he wanted to try a walking desk. Since he wasn’t sure it would be something that he would like or be even be able to work on he didn’t want to spend upwards of $3000.00 on a manufactured walking desk.

Instead, he choose to make an inexpensive DIY version. His current work desk is an antique farm table but since he would soon be standing he needed to first raise the desk.

He simply put the table legs up on jacks …hey, I didn’t say his DIY way was going to be pretty…then he purchased an inexpensive treadmill base. He’s been using his walking desk since last Summer and it has changed his life. After a few weeks of adjustment and getting used to typing while moving he is now walking upwards of 10-12 miles a day!  It’s incredible to see him almost speed walking all the while typing away on the key board. This is his current set up.

DIY walking desk

A few weeks ago he decided that the “cheap” treadmill had served it’s purpose (the smell of burning rubber may also had something to do with it) and it was time for an upgrade to a high end treadmill base that could handle his daily miles. This is when I decided I should try the whole thing out. I took his “cheap” treadmill and for my desk we purchased one 4 x 8 piece of plywood from Home Depot. We first  had them cut the sheet down the middle and then one piece in half again. After measuring my height while standing on the treadmill the two half pieces became the “legs” and support braces of the desk and the larger piece became the top.

I gave it a quick coat of Annie Sloan Napoleon Blue Chalk paint and one coat covered all the knots and grain just fine.

It has now been just over 2 weeks and I am happy to report I haven’t walked or fallen off the treadmill once. I am no where near my husband’s speed walking pace of 60+ miles a week but everyday I feel more comfortable and at ease with the whole set up. I can’t do everything while walking (it’s difficult to use the mouse curser, write or draw) but at the very least I can email, do social media and write my blog pots while walking.

Again, it isn’t pretty but if it adds years to my life and takes some weight off I can live without the pretty….for a little while anyway.

How about you, have you heard of a walking desk? Do you think you would ever want to give it a try.

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Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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