This past Saturday I came home to the BEST surprise, a Fedex package containing a book I had won from Interior Designer Karen Davis’s blog giveaway. Karen doesn’t know this but her blog called The Adventures of Marker Girl was one of the very first blogs I started reading when I first got into reading Design blogs. I love her modern and warm family friendly design and her practical decorating advice. Karen was so kind not only for sending the book but to include a personal note written on her beautiful stationary.

Karen’s lovely note included with my book

Ronda Carmen is well known for her award winning blog called All The Best Blog, and Designer’s At Home is her first book.  Take a look above at who wrote the forward and you know this is a book worth checking out. The first thing I love is that the book is smaller than a standard coffee table book. The smaller size makes it so much easier to read and study the room photos. Ronda features the homes of 50 top designers, including greats like Charlotte Moss, Barry Dixon and Bunny Williams. There are beautiful photos of each designer’s home as well as their thoughts on what makes a beautiful home and life. I spent a good part of Saturday looking through the pages and studying the photos.

The one fun thing I discovered is that Designer India Hikes and I actually have one tiny thing is common in our homes. It might be a long shot but here is little shell vignette that I have displayed on top of a bookcase in my home.

Shell collage in my home

and here is India Hicks shell vignette in her home.

okay…I know I said it was a tiny similarity but it still made me smile. Anyhow, the book is a must read if you love decorating and I thank Karen for such a wonderful surprise.

Tomorrow I leave for Seattle to attend another Design Camp. I can’t wait to share lot’s of new design info with you once I return. In the mean time follow me on Twitter and Facebook for daily tweets and posts from Camp.



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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