My husband and I are very fortunate to own a beautiful piece of land in northern New Hampshire. We more or less camp on it now but our intention is to one day build a vacation home. We hadn’t even signed the purchase and sales agreement before  I started imagining our vacation dream home might look something like this

My dream home

with an interior that might look like this

My dear husband on the other hand, who is very eco minded (we own a car that runs on used vegetable oil….need I say more?) informed me that his dream was to build a home  “off the grid” with used shipping containers….huh?

husband’s dream home

not the most attractive thing…and this is a new one!

Okay, so we obviously had some major discussions ahead of us.

In fairness to his vision I did some research and actually his idea is not that crazy. Container homes have been popular in Europe for years, especially for commercial use, and now more and more of them are popping up in the US.

There is a huge world wide glut of  shipping containers so they are relatively inexpensive and readily available. They are also extremely strong so they can be stacked in almost any configuration; kind of like Legos.

Here is a Puma store in Stockholm made from 24 stacked shipping containers.

During my research I found plenty of  really ugly container homes but as in all things design it all depends on your vision. Here are a few that I would not be opposed to call home.

I like this red one with all the glass windows because it would take advantage of our beautiful views.

This blue one is cute if we go with something very small.

Since we have no immediate neighbors within view of our future house, we could have fun with it and do something really creative with the exterior like this gray and pink polka dot house.

but then again, I keep going back to my original dream.

So friends….. please help me out here. What do you think, traditional mountain home or container home? My husband and I are anxiously awaiting your opinion.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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