One of the highlights for me while touring the showrooms at High Point this Spring was seeing all the new lighting introductions. The shapes, sizes and materials were varied but large, over scaled, statement lighting is still very much on trend. 

One shape I saw over and over again was the ” Sputnik shape”.  These spiky shaped chandeliers had their hey day back in the 60’s and now once again, what is old is new again. Sputnik chandeliers are definitely trending but often with a twist. Take a look at a few that I spotted that would compliment a variety of different decorating styles.


The one above from Arteriors is the classic atomic shape that was so popular mid century.


Chaddock show room High Point Spring 2014

The Chaddock Furniture showroom featured one adorned with crystal flowers for a more elegant look. (notice the trending mauve color on the walls).

sputnik lighting3

I love these beautiful blown glass ones. They look like exploding fireworks and they and come in several different colors. (I took this shot while rushing to some event and never did get the manufacture’s name).

sputnik shape3

This one above, also from Arteriors, has a more Steampunk or industrial look.  The stripped down look is all about the exposed Edison light bulbs.

So what do you think about the return of the sputnik chandelier? Just a passing fad or a trend that is here to stick around for awhile?


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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