Imagine finding a beautiful sink and then finding out that by purchasing it you would be helping to support AIDS and HIV organizations. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well BLANCO, one of the sponsors of BlogTourNYC, has a sink that does just that. Let me introduce you to ATTIKA.

Attika sink

First of all, the ATTIKA sink is gorgeous. The stainless steel sleek contemporary design is part function and part sculpture.

Attika sink2


The ATTIKA has won multiple design awards and one feature that makes it special is the elevated rim design that separates wet from dry areas. The best part though is that BLANCO will support DIFFA  (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) with a donation whenever their ATTIKAsink is specified. Beautiful sink…helping to fight Aids and HIV…Sounds like a win-win to me.

BLANCO’s commitment to giving back doesn’t end though with the ATTIKA sink. BLANCO is also a proud supporter of Water for People – a charitable organization that ensures sustainable clean drinking water for all people. So if the ATTIKA isn’t your style or need, simply by purchasing any of their beautiful products you will be helping to support clean drinking water for those most in need. Take a look at some of my other favorite products and designs from BLANCO.



I love this beautiful contemporary fire clay sink called Modex. It comes in both white and black but i love the black against the white cabinetry…so sleek and stylish.



Another favorite is the  Blancoculina faucet with it’s high profile and contemporary design.

Blanco Alta in White

Blanco Alta in White

This Alta faucet is beautiful and comes in white, black, cinder and truffle.


Blanco Alta in Truffle

Even BLANCO’s kitchen accessories,  like the cutting boards, and strainers are both beautiful and stylish.

BLANCO Accessories

BLANCO Accessories

Selling gorgeous products, fighting HIV and AIDS and supporting clean water is what BLANCO is all about. They won me over how about you?


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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