One of the sponsors of BlogTourNYC  was Wilsonart. Now I will admit that I didn’t know a whole lot about Wilsonart prior to the tour other than the fact that they make laminate counter tops.  Founded in 1956 by Ralph Wilson, Wilsonart has always been known for their high quality laminates that are “inspired by the earth but not part of it” .

Since laminate counter tops have somewhat waned in popularity, I was curious as to how laminate was being used today. What I discovered is that there is a lot I didn’t know about laminate.

#1.  Wilsonart makes a decorative metal line. Who knew? Look at this fabulous dining room with Wilsonart metal wall stripes by designer Robert Verdi for DIFFA’s Dining By Design.

Wilsonart Set #2A 3129

#2. Wilsonart laminate is a sustainable material so when you use one their products you are doing no harm to our planet. I know everyone thinks stone is eco friendly but what is involved in getting that stone out of the ground and into your home is anything but. Check out this kitchen that Danny Seo designed using all Wilsonart laminate. Everything from the floor to the back splash is laminate. A fraction of the cost and completly environmentally friendly as compared to using the real stone product.

Danny Seo for Wilsonart

Danny Seo for Wilsonart at KBIS

#3. You can custom create your own laminate. Simply bring your own images, artwork, photographs, or illustrations, and Wilsonart will create laminate that’s uniquely yours. My favorite project Wilsonart shared with me is this children’s play area at the Granger Community Church. The play area was designed by architects Sharon and Peter Exley, from the Chicago firm architectureisfun. The floor, the cabinetry and even the large farmer and chicken are all made from laminate. This children’s center gets a lot of use and the architects chose laminate because it is a  product that will really hold up. 

Granger Community Church

Granger Community Church

See how they customized the front of the cabinets to look like tree bark? The counter tops look like leaves.



Wouldn’t it be so much fun to hang out here if you were a kid? or even an adult?


After learning a bit more from Wilsonart I now think about laminate in a whole new way.

How about you? Did you know these three things about laminate?

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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