Hi everyone! I am back from my Vegas  BlogTour and will tell you I had the most amazing time. I have so much to share from the KBIS show as well as a fabulous new home we toured, that I hardly know where to start. Since I am currently working with two clients who are both looking for new carpet I want to share something that absolutely blew my mind from one of our sponsors, Mohawk.

A little history first. I actually didn’t know this but Mohawk is the largest flooring company in the world. It has over thirty flooring categories including carpet, tile, area rugs, tile, laminate and more. Karastan, their most well known carpet brand, has just introduced for 2015 something that I think is going to revolutionize the carpet industry. Called Smart Strand Silk ForeverClean (yes, a mouthful I know) it does for carpet what Sunbrella, Crypton, and other performance fabric has done for furniture. This is the PERFECT choice if you have children, pets, entertain or like to drink red wine. Basically this is the perfect rug for everyone!

It is different from anything else on the market in that it does not have the traditional “stain protection treatment”. Instead, it gives a layer of protection that locks out spills and the resistance can never wear or wash off. Plus, even better news, it is an eco-friendly product, made in part from a renewable plant based material and Mohawk’s new Nanoloc technology.

Check out this demonstration they did to show how amazing this new nanoloc technology just is.

Karastan carpet demostration Linda Holt Photo

Karastan carpet demonstration: Linda Holt Photo

The new Karastan product alongside the number one competitors “stain protection” carpet were placed in two large glasses filled with red wine.  They both soaked for a few minutes and then both carpet samples were placed inside mason jars filled with tap water. The jars were both lightly shaken.  The water in one of the jars turned red and in the second jar the water stayed clear.

Mohawk carpet stain demonstration

Mohawk carpet stain demonstration

The carpet he is pulling out of the jar with the red stained water is the new Karastan carpet. Even after soaking in red wine the stain came right off into the water and the carpet sample was completely stain free.

The competing carpet brand on the right didn’t fair so well. Very little of the red wine came out into the water and you can see the sample held onto the stain and is still heavily stained red. (The Karastan product is on the left).

Competitors carpet held onto stain

Competitors stain treated carpet held onto stain

My photos don’t do justice to just how amazing the demonstration was but take it from me, it really proved their claim to be true. I don’t know about you but I’m sold!

smart starnd silk

You can find out more about Smart Strand Silk Carpet from Karastan by watching this video.

Disclaimer…Mohawk Flooring was one of our sponsors for BlogTourVegas but these views are 100% my own.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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