Happy New Year my friends! As great as the holidays were, I am always more than ready to embrace the new year and get a fresh start. So much promise of all the wonderful business goals I will accomplish, the weight I will lose and the “perfect” house I will have. Riiight…as we all know, it’s not quite that simple.

One thing I do have heading into the new year is a new office and work space. It is almost done and I can’t wait to reveal the whole space once the window treatments are installed and the art is hung. What I want to share with you today though is one small wall which has my new custom walking desk.

I have had a walking desk for over a year now. My husband was a very early adapter to the walking desk (3+ years ago) and routinely logs about 60-75 miles a week power walking while he works. I reluctantly agreed to try one but didn’t want to invest in a specialized desk (just in case I didn’t like it). Well I am happy to report that it’s all worked out just great. It did take awhile to get used to walking and typing simultaneously, and I often stand at it more than I walk, but it is better than sitting all day, that I know for sure.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

It looks a little bare at the moment because the art work isn’t hung but I love my new desk. It was made by North Carolina wood worker  John Northrop. I found John through the online company Custom Made. If you don’t know the site I highly recommend it. You simply submit a project you would like to have done and vetted artisans will contact you and bid on the job. I actually contacted John directly as he was one of Custom Made’s featured artists of the day. He had made a console table that I liked and thought could be adapted to a tall desk.

John was amazing to work with and every time I had a question he responded almost immediately. I gave John the height requirements and length I wanted and he came up with the design.

The desk is made from 1 3/4″ reclaimed knotty alder wood with a shelf below that I store my computer and printer on.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

I feel so organized now and everything is right within arms reach.  I am too embarrassed to show you what I was using as a desk before. I will give you the image though of  a plywood top crudely supported with more plywood. It was a temporary “desk” for me to try out for a week or two to make sure I liked working on a treadmill. Well as things go, a few weeks turned into a year and the thing was so bowed in the middle that my monitor sat in a little well. It was embarrassing even for me to look at it.

Now I couldn’t be happier. I would love to hear your opinion on a walking desk, do you think you would ever try one out?



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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