For those of you who know me, you know how incredibly excited I get about interior design and almost anything relating to the home. While at KBIS  during Modenus BlogTourVegas I saw so many beautiful and innovative products from our sponsors that my head was spinning. Each time we had a sponsor presentation I would think “this is my favorite product yet“. Then at the next sponsor presentation I would think, “no, this is my favorite product“, then we would move on yet again and I would think “actually, this is my favorite product for sure“. It kind of went like that throughout the whole week.

As fate would have it, our last day “presentation” was from a BlogTour sponsor who’s sole focus and business model is to make you feel good and improve your life…how crazy is that? Mr. Steam has honestly won my heart forever. We began our day with a delicious lunch at the Aria Hotel cafe hosted by Mrs. Steam herself, the most awesome Martha Orellana.

At each place setting was a gift set of Tala bath and body oils, clays, soaps and scrubs. (There were actually squeals of excitement like a bunch of kids when we saw our gift). Here’s part of our group tweeting and photographing our gift with Martha in the background having us sample the soft powdery Tala clay mask.

Tala 2We had heard several testimonials earlier in the week as to just how awesome a gift this was from several of the participants of Modenus Talks. In fact, it got a little crazy at times during a “wheel of wellness” roulette game with everyone trying to win Tala.


Mr. Steam has this to say about about Tala.

Derived from the Moroccan landscape and crafted by its people

The Arabic word “hammam” literally translates as “bath” in English, which hearkens back to the Roman and Turkish baths of antiquity. Now Mr. Steam introduces Tala Bath & Body essential oils, clays, scrubs and soaps. TALA: “A palm, a cool fountain spring, a beam of bright morning starlight… simply heavenly.”

You can embrace the full effect of TALA Bath & Body products by following the age-old Hamam ritual.

  • Begin by warming your body in the bath, shower, or in steam
  • Prepare and apply the TALA Bath & Body Rhassoul Lava Clay – as a mask for skin or face, as an exfoliant, or to cleanse hair
  • Use the TALA Bath & Body Beldi Black Soap together with the Hammam Glove to soften and exfoliate the skin
  • After a relaxing shower, apply TALA Bath & Body Argan Oil directly to skin, face and body, and massage
  • Every evening, massage Nadifi Argan Oil  Lotion generously on your face or body

After lunch we headed off to the Aria spa and had the full spa experience while testing out our new gift. With our Tala facial masks on we relaxed in the warm heated pools. After our mask dried it was into the Mr. Steam steam shower. The steam softened the dried clay and allowed us to easily wipe it off leaving our skin soft, hydrated and glowing. All I can say is, I will be using this product for life.

Since I have been home I have tried all the other products and I feel so good after each treatment. I especially like the Argan Oil. I put it on after each shower and my skin feels soft all day.

Beside raving about the Tala, I also want to pass alone three facts I learned about a Mr. Steam steam shower.

1. A daily steam shower is a natural detox that removes harmful impurities from your body. It can also enhance your breathing, leaving you with an improved sense of tranquility, promoting restful sleep and wellness. Steam is also recommended for the relief of symptoms of colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, throat irritation, arthritis and more. Sore, tired muscles? Rigid joints? Steam eases the pain.

2. There is a steam shower for almost any budget. I had the false impression that they were out of reach for the average homeowner but units start at around $1,200.

3. You only need a minimum space of 3′ x 3′ to install a steam shower in your home. That’s the exact size of our master bath shower…which is falling apart and needs to be redone…with a new steam shower.

Okay, just ONE last thing. Every Monday at 1pm Mr. Steam hosts a twitter event called #MamboMonday. It is a fun five minute wellness break (it does involve some music and dancing) and if you post a video of yourself participating you can win a prize. So check out @steamtherapy on Twitter and join in the fun.

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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