What if I told you there is a toilet that you never have to touch or clean. As you approach the lid gently raises.The seat is heated and lit (nice for late night visits) and when you walk away the seat automatically lowers and an ultra violet light sanitizes the seat. The bowl itself  is coated with a nano technology coating so nothing “sticks” which makes cleaning a breeze or barely necessary at all.

Sounds like a scenario right out of the 60’s TV show the Jetson’s right?

Well our BlogTourVegas sponsor TOTO has several of these amazing toilets and I got to see a few of them while at KBIS.

toto toilet

So how does this technology work you ask?  

“This new technology is as simple as it is effective. It starts before the toilet is even used. When the sensor-activated
toilet seat lid starts to rise, the WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with a fine mist of
water. The combination of the water and the very smooth CeFiOnTect glaze keeps dirt from sticking as it would to a dry surface. Once the toilet is flushed, the WASHLET then sprays the bowl with electrolysed water. This has an antibacterial effect and prevents limescale and waste from accumulating, keeping the toilet bowl cleaner for longer. Electrolysed water is absolutely environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful chemicals and can be returned to the water cycle without worry”.

I know it’s crazy to think that a toilet could be something to get excited about but the TOTO ones are.


For those looking for a more contemporary style the Neorest is one of TOTO’s top luxury item. Besides the self cleaning features the Neorest goes even further with cleanliness with it’s Actilight technology.

toto neorest

“Actilight technology goes one step further in terms of self-cleaning. Once again, the WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with water before use and with electrolysed water, or ewater+, after use. Instead of the CeFiOnTect glaze, this toilet bowl features a zirconium and titanium dioxide coating. The surface has a shimmering mother-of-pearl look to it, is extremely hydrophilic, and triggers a photocatalytic process when combined with sunlight. TOTO integrated a UV light in the seat lid that is activated for a specific amount of time once the lid is closed. Once the light hits the zirconium coating, photocatalysis accelerates the decomposition process of all of the organic substances on the surface. The hydrophilic surface helps the WASHLET to wash away any remaining waste with ease – making it practically impossible for bacteria, dirt, limescale and mold to accumulate in the toilet bowl”.

All the TOTO toilets are revolutionary not only is function but TOTO is also the leader in environmental water conservation for toilets. In fact, TOTO is on a mission to reduce water consumption world wide through new products that use less and less water. Look at the huge difference TOTO has made in water conservation since 1965 when the average flush used 20L (5.2 gallons) of water to today where the TOTO toilet uses only 3.8L.

That’s just ONE gallon of water per flush. Since the average American flushes 5 times per day that is a HUGE savings.

toilet_performanceAs a sponsor, TOTO went out of their way to make us feel special. As a company TOTO has it all, a great product and a mission to better the world one toilet at a time!

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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