Even before I headed out to KBIS with BlogTourVegas, my husband and I have been researching about switching over to an induction cook top when we update our kitchen. We currently have a small counter top version purchased off Amazon so that we could “try it out”. You can see it is just for a single pan and sits right on top of our island.

cook top

Shortly before I left for the show, one of our BlogTour sponsors, Thermador, send out a box for the bloggers containing some goodies (swag) as well as literature relating to their newest products. We immediately went right to the chapter on the Freedom Induction Cook Top. Once at KBIS I was so excited to see it “in person”.

Freedom Induction cook top: Linda Holt Photo

Freedom Induction cook top: Linda Holt Photo

Here is a photo from the show display. This is the frame-less induction cook top installed in an island (which is what we will do) and it was paired with the Thermador down draft vent behind it (also what we will do).

The Thermador induction cook top is everything we are looking for; sleek, beautiful and amazing technology. What’s so great about it?

1. There are no boundaries or set “burners” meaning the entire surface acts as the cook top. You can place the pots and pans in any configuration and the surface “knows” exactly where each one is and will heat them up accordingly.

Freedom Induction Cook Top

Freedom Induction Cook Top

2. should you decide to move anything to a different position, the cook top remembers the heat setting, shape and size of the moved pot or pan and will automatically readjust to the same temperature shape and size at the new location.

3. Once the cookware is placed on the cook top there is instantaneous and precise temperature control, making it as responsive as gas.

4. The surface area will accommodate a 21-inch x 13-inch pan with the
largest cooking surface in the industry

5. The surface is made from transparent ceramic glass, which allows
for the integration of the color touchscreen

6. At 36 inches, it’s the largest cooking surface in the industry

The Freedom induction cook top is without a doubt going into our kitchen once we pull the trigger and start with the renovation. I just hope it happens soon!



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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