Last Thursday was the big reveal of my family room makeover for the One Room Challenge. My husband and I love being in there now and I am no longer embarrassed when friends come to visit. The room is clean and uncluttered but would you believe that I am hiding a very messy secret? I hinted about it during the reveal but this is my secret.


Yup, I kid you not when I say this unsightly mess is all for one wall mounted TV. Not only is there a rats nest of cords but that big white box to the right of the image is all part of it too. Seriously, who has all this for one TV? Is it because I am married to a tech guy? Regardless, I knew it was NOT going to be a part of the family room and hiding it behind a chair was not going to work.

So the low tech solution for this high tech problem was this. Lovely right??

family room skirt table

My husband made this “table” out of scrap wood in the garage. He measured the white box in the photo above and made sure we could slip this table right over it. For the two smaller boxes he made a shelf. I had my work room pad the top of the table and make a table skirt with flaps that could easily be lifted as needed. Finally, I had a piece of glass cut to size at an auto glass store for the top.

and voila!

table skirt

Underneath this pretty table are all those cords and boxes.

cords under tableIt’s difficult to get a good photo but you get the idea. Everything is hidden and it was a much more affordable solution than doing some sort of builtin to house everything and the space was too small for any kind of media piece.

I’m sure I am not the only one to suffer with an overload of cords but I would think that with wireless we wouldn’t need cords but evidently that is not true. I also suffer the same cord problem in my office but my desk faces the wall so I simply tape them behind the legs of the desk to hide them.

How about you? Do you have any other tips for hiding cords?

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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