My kitchen appliances have been on life support for over two years now. I am so tired of talking about how we plan to remodel our kitchen but we really are planning to remodel so I have been holding off on buying anything new until we have a firm design plan. So when I was invited to the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Show to be part of the Modenus  BlogTourKBIS, I had a personal interest in checking out the new ranges, as well as the new steam ovens I have heard so many good things about.

There were so many options from so many different vendors. This pink range from La Cornue seemed to be the talk of the show. Designers were actually standing in line to have their photo taken in front of it (Designers + Instagram=crazy town). Okay, I did it too but I was involved in a selfie contest so I have an excuse.


I do agree this pink beauty by Suzanne Kasler was a show stopper but when it comes right down to it, this simply would not be practical for our suburban colonial home.. When we decide to sell the house will buyers want a pink range or any of the other of the beautiful colors I saw so many of the ranges painted? Doubtful. At least not in my conservative area of New England where stainless steel is still king.

Since my kitchen foot print is small I don’t have the luxury of incorporating wall ovens, plus a separate cook top and also possibly a steam oven. Ideally, everything needs to be all in one. So I looked at a lot of ranges…a lot! It was hard not to be swayed by all the flashy colors but I finally settled on “the one”.

This 48″ Pro Grand Steam Range from Thermador, an American company that just celebrated their 100th anniversary. It is beautiful, user friendly and would most likely add to the value of our home. It also has the one feature I decided I really want, a steam oven.

48-Inch Pro Grand Steam Range

48-Inch Pro Grand Steam Range

The right side is a convection oven and the left side is a steam oven. As an added bonus there is even a warming drawer.

48" Pro Range with warming drawer

48″ Pro Range with warming drawer

You may not be familiar with steam cooking but it is the newest, healthiest way to cook. Rather than cooking with dry heat, steam heat helps the food retain moisture. We plan to ditch our microwave after all the recent bad press that has come out about the dangers of microwaves so a steam oven will take it’s place.

I did a little research for you and here are some of the health benefits of cooking with steam:

o   Better browning of meat.

o   Food is juicier / does not dry out.

o   Vegetables keep more vitamins and nutrients.

o   Reheats food better than a microwave, as the food retains moisture, flavor & texture.

So the Thermador 48 ” Steam Range is my choice and I couldn’t be happier. It’s absolutely perfect for my needs and our kitchen. Now it’s just a matter of pulling the trigger and getting this kitchen reno started!

Oh, and just in case I feel I need a color fix, I can always order it with the optional blue knobs.

Themador optional blue knobs.

Thermador optional blue knobs

How about you? Would you buy a pink range?

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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