Last week was the 6th annual Design Bloggers Conference. I have never been before and after attending this year in Atlanta I don’t know why I waited so long. The speakers were inspiring, educational and several were quite funny!

Cynthia Rowley Design Bloggers Conference

Cynthia Rowley in killer sparkling shoes and floral socks

We learned everything from iPhone photography tips to how important those dashboard analytics really are.

The amount of information shared was overwhelming but after a weekend of organizing my notes and thoughts I want to share my three biggest takeaways from the conference.

  1. Be authentic. No one has your exact voice or perspective. The fact is, everything under the sun has already been created (and blogged about) so don’t strive for originality, simply focus on authenticity. Readers are quick to detect when you are not being authentic and will simply move on. So, if your passion is eighteenth century French antiques then don’t start a DIY blog. Write about what moves you and like minded readers will follow. Also, be sure to write in your own voice and don’t try and be someone you’re not.
  2. Be intentional with your blog posts. Who is your audience? Which of your posts do they like most? (this is where Google analytics comes in)  If you are writing willy nilly on all sorts of different topics with no structured posting day or times, readers will get confused. Set up an editorial calendar and follow it. Whether you publish every day or every third Sunday it’s important to be consistent. Be just as intentional with your social media and make sure all postings reflect your brand.  Instagram is the platform you should be using to showcase your brand and who you are. Clients and brands are checking you out so it’s best to only post carefully curated photos that are representative of your business and brand. Save the selfies with your girlfriends drinking margaritas and your daughter’s dance recital photos for your personal Facebook page. On the plane ride home I deleted about 50 photos.
  3. Find your North Star. What does success look like for you? It is most likely completely different than what it is for me. Figure out where you want to go and architect your posts to get there. If blogging is something you do simply because you like to hear yourself talk then that’s fine but if your ultimate goal is to attract more clients, publish a book, sell a product, or get paid sponsorships, then your approach must be directional and well thought out.

I wish I could say I have blogging all figured out and that I do everything right but I am far from it. After attending the conference though I feel armed with enough valuable information to get there…or at the very least, work to get there!

As a special treat for those of you who missed the conference and want even more insight, I asked a few of my blogging friends to share their takeaways. Each perspective is different just like each of us and I guarantee if you are a blogger or a designer they are all worth reading.

Carla Aston: Carla Aston Designed

Amanda GatesGates Interior Design

Laurel Bern: Laurel Home

Mitzi Beach: Boomer Smarts

Susie Feia: Feia Construction

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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