The first thing I am always asked when I return from a Modenus BlogTour is “how was it”? I respond, “it was amazing”. The truth is, it’s impossible to convey just how amazing BlogTour is. Veronika Miller who is the genius force behind Modenus has a knack for putting together a group of designers and bloggers that just “clicks”. I know it sounds corny but by the end of the trip it is always one big love fest. We return home to our families and businesses full of design inspiration and with new best friends.


BlogTourKBIS Photo by Tori Aston

Back in December when I received the BlogTourVegas sponsor information I was so excited to see that Mr. Steam was one of the BlogTour sponsors. Mr. Steam is lead by marketing director Martha Orellana, AKA “Mrs. Steam”. What I love most about Martha (besides the fact she is one of the nicest and most generous people I have met) is that on my very first BlogTour in New York she introduced me to the concept of self care and more specifically the health benefits of steam. You can read about my experiences with steam showers    HERE and HERE.

Growing up with conservative Yankee parents, the word “self care” wasn’t part of my vocabulary. Other than daily bathing and teeth brushing, the only self care I witnessed was my mother periodically home coloring her hair. Spas, facials, steam showers and the like just wasn’t something I was exposed to. In fact, I didn’t have my first professional manicure until the morning of my wedding and I was well into my 30’s before I experienced a massage.

Mr. Steam however is all about promoting self care and wellness. Seeing Martha’s beautiful glowing skin and her passion for healthy living is truly inspirational. For someone like myself who has experienced a major illness, self care takes on a new significance. It has nothing at all to do with what my parent’s would probably think was self indulgence, it is about staying healthy and living the best life possible.

A daily steam shower is one way to accomplish this. Steam is a natural detox that removes harmful impurities from your body. It can also enhance your breathing, leaving you with an improved sense of tranquility, promoting restful sleep and wellness. Steam is also recommended for the relief of symptoms of colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, throat irritation, arthritis and more. Since our group had just spent three days walking for miles while touring KBIS, steam was a welcome remedy to ease the pain of our tired and sore muscles.

On our final night in Vegas, we were treated by Martha to Mr. Steam’s skin care line called Tala followed by a steam shower at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Spa.


Now when I heard about this event I had some anxiety because I knew I couldn’t wear my wig into the steam room. As silly as it sounds my wig had become my security blanket over the many months of chemo induced baldness. I know some woman embrace their bald head but every time I looked in the mirror without hair I felt (and looked) like a cancer victim. My wig made me feel “normal” so going without it felt like I was going naked into the spa. It’s hard to explain but I felt emotionally exposed and vulnerable. Even though my hair had started to grow back, I was in NO WAY comfortable without my wig.

So with a deep breath and trepidation I walked into the spa with Mrs. Steam and all my BlogTour “sisters”, with my semi-bald head. The positive response I received and the out pouring of love and support was overwhelming. This amazing group of mud faced woman made me feel beautiful and strong. They gave me the courage to break free of my security blanket and shed the last reminder of cancer. It was almost as if I had been cleansed with steam and then reborn. It was very symbolic although it wasn’t planned at all.


Out in public without my wig for the very first time.

I will never forget that night in the spa and my life changing “rebirth” with Veronika Miller, the Modenus team, Mrs. Steam and 24 of the most compassionate and loving woman I could ever have imagined. The bond that was formed that night was magical and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

Since that night, I have not worn the wig even once and I actually feel great about it. On Friday I have an appointment at the salon and I have decided to go either platinum or red. Please case your votes and tell me what you think!


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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