As you know, I had the honor of traveling with Modenus last January as part of BlogTourKBIS and this is my final trend report from the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Show. The main color story from the show for fixtures was matte black and brass. 

black tub

Matte black tub from Kohler

Sleek and sophisticated, matte black tubs, faucets and fixtures were part of just about every vendor’s new introductions.

Audrey series

Audrey Series from Huay

This articulated faucet from Brizo was one of my favorites from the show. It looks like a beautiful sculpture.


The Solna® Kitchen Collection by Brizo

Matte black was everywhere, not only for cabinetry and faucets but for lighting, mirrors and accessories.

black fixtures


The other big color trend for fixtures is brass. Now I know so many of you have just recently banished all your dated brass but the new trend is not the lacquered yellow brass from the 80’s and 90’s but a warm soft satin brass.

Michael berman2

Say what you will about brass but the warm golden tone can add some much needed warmth to kitchens and baths that can otherwise seem cold with the abundance of hard surfaces.

I adore these satin brass knobs and pulls from Emtek.



Matte black paired with brass was also trending at the show.


Faucet by Huay

Hang on folks because…….The return of polished brass was also seen in a few of the booths.


I do think polished brass might take a while to become main stay again but if the KBIS show is an indicator then it is making a come back.

Kallista brass

So what do you think of matte black for fixtures? and are you ready for the return of brass?

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Sunday I am off to the Design Blogger’s Conference in Atlanta. I have never attended and I am so excited to spend the next few days learning and sharing from the best. There will be several celebrity designers speaking and I’ll be sharing on Instagram so be sure to follow along here.

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