Today I have part two of my High Point Market recap. First off I want to thank everyone who left such nice comments on my recap of part one of High Point Market trends. Today I have even more images to share that illustrate the next three trends, so grab a coffee and settle in for part two.

3. BRASS IS KING! What can I say other than just about every single showroom was over flowing with brass and gold. I think I will let the images speak for themselves and you can draw your own conclusions.


Linda Holt Photo

Brass here, brass there, brass everywhere!


Anyone need a gold embellished waste basket?


Brass furniture continued to be a big trend this market, especially small side tables and chairs.

Selamat:Linda Holt Photo

Selamat: Linda Holt Photo

I spotted Lucite paired with brass as well as brass frames for side chairs.


This little brass and leather bar stool was one of my favorite finds at one of our BlogTour sponsors Hillsdale Furniture. 

Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture

This tall brass cabinet from Mr. Brown Home is a stunner as are those articulated brass chandeliers.

Mr. Brown:Linda Holt Photo

Mr. Brown:Linda Holt Photo

Brass lighting out weighed all other finishes by a huge margin. I think this hanging pendant by Currey is not only incredibly beautiful but certainly fit for a king (or queen)!

Currey:Linda Holt Photo

Currey:Linda Holt Photo

4. LIVE LIKE YOU. Let’s get real here. Most of us live don’t live with a lot of what is seen at market. We have dogs and kids and we drink red wine and we live a messy life. So enter the fabric company Crypton. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Crypton is an anti stain fabric and comes in hundreds and hundreds of choices.I was an early adapter to Crypton and have been using it in my client’s homes for over three years. Well it seems to have caught on and just about every furniture showroom offered a Crypton option, even the higher end showrooms…I guess the wealthy have messy lives too.


Just a small sampling of some of Crypton’s fabrics.

I specify Crypton all the time for sofas and chairs but I hadn’t thought about using it on a fabric headboard. Sure makes sense though don’t you think?


Rowe Furniture:Linda Holt Photo

Carpets are another area of the home where durability and cleanabilty are important to today’s consumers. These rugs from the new Barclay Butera line for Nourison are not only indoor/outdoor but they are reversible! They are available in multiple color ways and the geometric pattern is right on trend.

Nourison:Linda Holt Photo

Nourison: Linda Holt Photo

Vaugh-Bassett was one of our sponsors for the BlogTour and is the largest manufacturer of wooden adult bedroom furniture in the country. The furniture is all US made and the company employs over 700 workers.I had never been to their showroom and they have some great quality pieces as well as a large number of wood and stain options. It seems Vaughn-Bassett also has quite a fascinating history. So interesting in fact that Tom Hanks is currently making a movie called “The Factory Man” about the founder of the company.


Vaughn-Bassett: Linda Holt Photo

This last image under Live Like You is the trend of consumers wanting to express their personality in their home. For the wine aficionado, these custom made wine bars and islands are by German company Hobbs Design. Crafted from reclaimed solid oak and high end vintage wine crates, each one is unique. Once the manufacture runs out of crates they will no longer be produced so this is a very special piece. (It will take awhile though as the owner told me has has over 5000 crates in storage).


Hobbs Designs

5. MIXED MATERIALS. One trend that was hard to miss was the mixing of materials on furniture. Wood with faux shagreen (stingray skin), wood and brass, Lucite and brass, Lucite and leather, glass and wood, fabric and wood, fabric and metal. The combinations are endless!

This brass and faux parchment console at Mr. Brown Home is a good example. Truth be told, I didn’t know what “faux parchment” was so I had to ask about that. For those of you who also don’t know, parchment is goat skin. I was glad to learn that it’s all “faux” and that no goats were harmed to make the console. I think you’ll be seeing a lot of this in stores soon so now you’ll be an expert and know it’s called faux parchment.

Mr.Brown Home:Linda Holt Photo

Mr.Brown Home:Linda Holt Photo

This cabinet from Hurtado combines four different materials. I am not 100% sure because I forgot to ask but by looking at the photo it looks like faux parchment, decorative steel, a natural stone top and stainless steel legs.

Hurtado-Linda Holt Photo

Hurtado-Linda Holt Photo

This cabinet from Vanguard mixes antiqued glass, cerused wood, brass handles and a glass shelf.

Vanguard:Linda Holt Photo

Vanguard:Linda Holt Photo

It wasn’t just case goods sporting mixed materials. This sofa at Lexington Furniture has brass as a decorative as well as a supporting element on the arms of the sofa.

Lexington Furniture:Linda Holt Photo

Lexington Furniture:Linda Holt Photo

These Lucite and raw wood tables were each one of a kind and so beautiful. Of course the way they had them displayed I’d want to buy all three. (I wouldn’t want to separate the family tree!)

Lucite and raw wood :Linda Holt Photo

Lucite and raw wood: Linda Holt Photo

Currey introduced this bar cabinet last Market but it is still a favorite with green Malachite door inserts mixed with the black ebony wood and a green lacquered interior.

Currey Co.:Linda Holt Photo

Currey :Linda Holt Photo

This final photo taken at Vanguard Furniture sums up today’s three trends. Family friendly Crypton fabric on the sofa, brass coffee table mixed with a natural stone top and a brass tray.

Vanguard:Linda Holt Photo

Vanguard:Linda Holt Photo

I hope you enjoyed today’s three trends and be sure to check back tomorrow for the final three trends along with lot’s of photos!

Do you have one thing that is a favorite among these trends?


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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