Boston’s latest show house (The Nathaniel Allen House) sponsored by The Junior League of Boston is now open. Recently I had a chance to tour the house and take some iphone photos. If you love color, pattern and art you can’t miss this show. The rooms are done up with warm tones, luxurious textures, fabulous wallpapers and art work galore.

The rooms are all so different yet somehow they all seemed to flow. Color and wallpaper are a very big story but the stand out for me is the attention the ceilings received. Almost all of the rooms have either a colorful painted or wallpapered ceiling. Take a look at few of my favorites.

The “Morning Room” was bright, cheerful and fresh and the yellow painted ceiling glowed with warmth from the early morning sun.

The Morning room Kate McCusker Rosenberger:Linda Holt Photo

The Morning room Design by Kate McCusker Rosenberger: Linda Holt Photo

My good friend Kelly Rogers used a similar warm color palette in her “Mother in Law’s Suite” and also chose to paint the ceiling a warm golden honey.

Design by Kelly Rogers Linda Holt Photo

Design by Kelly Rogers: Linda Holt Photo

This “Petite Retreat” designed by Nancy Seibel has a not very shy pink painted ceiling. So fun for a little bathroom don’t you think?

The Petit Retreat designed by Nancy Seibel: Linda Holt Photo

Designed by Nancy Seibel: Linda Holt Photo

Elizabeth Benedict wallpapered the ceiling in her “Chinoiserie Chic” bedroom with bamboo trellis wallpaper. How wonderful to wake up in the morning and see something beautiful rather than a blank white ceiling.

Elizabeth Benedict Design: Linda Holt Photo

Elizabeth Benedict Design: Linda Holt Photo

The “Dressing Room” which had a small desk area also had a wallpapered ceiling. Choosing a fabulous statement wallpaper is a great idea in a small space like a powder room or closet because the cost will not be too high and every time you enter it will put a smile on your face.

Suzanne Logan design :Linda Holt Photo

Suzanne Logan design : Linda Holt Photo

The ceiling that really impressed me was in the “Receiving Room and Sitting Room”. Designer Gerald Pomeroy used high gloss paint to create a decorative stripe that tied two different but adjoining rooms together. The “Receiving Room” is below. The lighting could not have been worse with the sun pouring in creating a lot of glare but you can see what I am talking about if you look above the fireplace.

Receiving room:Linda Holt Photo

Receiving room: Linda Holt Photo

Here is a closer look at the same room with a broad gray stripe and a narrower green stripe.

Receiving room ceiling:Linda Holt Photo

Receiving room ceiling: Linda Holt Photo

Below is the adjoining “Sitting Room”. You can see he reversed the colors with the broader stripe green and the the thinner stripe gray.

"Sitting Room"

“Sitting Room” : Linda Holt Photo

Lastly, here is an image of the two rooms and the ceilings taken from the doorway where the two rooms join.

Gerald Pomeroy Design:Linda Holt Photo

Gerald Pomeroy Design: Linda Holt Photo

I think it is brilliant and I would love to do something similar for a client. What do you think?

I will be posting more beautiful rooms from the show house but I couldn’t wait to show you all the wonderful ceilings in the house. I hope after seeing this trend you will think twice before defaulting to “ceiling white”.

The 2016 Junior League of Boston Show house runs through June 5th. You can purchase tickets here.




Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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