Hi everyone, I’m back! I took a little blogging break because I honestly have been so busy with new client work and these hot Summer days have not helped with my motivation. I can’t believe it but I haven’t made it to the beach even once this Summer. I did however have the most wonderful trip to Chicago last week. I was invited along with a dozen other designers to attend a two day training class on JennAir appliances. It was great timing because my husband and I just installed new JennAir appliances in our kitchen. Truth be told, I was unsure how to work some of the advanced options so it was very valuable for me.

The historic red Clock Tower Building below is the Whirlpool headquarters. Whirlpool is the parent company of JennAir, Kitchen Aid and Maytag.

Whirlpool Headquarters

Whirlpool Headquarters

Our group was told we were very special because we were given permission to climb up the stairs and see the inside of the clock. It was such a unique experience and this is what the inside of a clock tower looks like if you’ve ever wondered.

Inside the Clock Tower at the Whirlpool headquarters

Inside the Clock Tower at the Whirlpool headquarters

We spent two full days learning about cook tops, ovens, ventilation (hoods) refrigerators and dishwashers. I know some of you it might think it sounds boring but the way the JennAir group presented the information it was anything but.

My favorite appliance is the newly redesigned (and soon to be released) JennAir induction cook top. Induction cooking is as fast or faster than gas and much safer. Plus no accumulating gas fumes to pollute your home.

JennAir induction cook top

JennAir induction cook top

On our final day we had the opportunity to use the products and had a cooking lesson from chef Ann. I learned two things that I have been doing wrong my whole cooking life. The first one was with salt.

I learned that when you cook vegetables that are added to the pan at different times, such as  harder vegetables like onions and carrots first and then the softer veggies like tomatoes last, the salt (just a tiny pinch) should be added after each vegetable is added to the pan, not all at the end. I had no idea I was doing it wrong. Each tiny pinch brings out the flavor of the vegetable that was just added. If the salt is all added at the end you will just end up with an overall salty taste.

The second thing I have been doing wrong is how I cook with garlic. I have always added the garlic to the hot pan first along with the peppers and onions. Well, wrong again! The garlic should never be added to a hot pan because it will turn brown and loose all the flavor. Instead, garlic should be added in at the very last moment of cooking so that the flavor spreads throughout the cooking food.

Who knew??? Well obviously chef Ann but certainly not me! Did you know this???

A huge thank you to JennAir for making me an expert with their appliances and to chef Ann for schooling me in cooking with salt and garlic.



Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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