One of the many perks of being a design blogger is that I get to learn about and then share with my readers new products for the home that have either just been released or are about to be released. While in London with Designhounds I had the opportunity to meet and find out about a brand that has only recently entered the US and Canadian market. Tecnogas Superiore is a family owned Italian company, founded in 1952, that specializes is ranges, hoods and wall ovens.

While they are currently the “new kid on the block”, they are positioning themselves to be some serious competition with other US and European luxury brands.

There are actually many things that excite me about this brand but first and foremost is that they addressed the issue of small (or tiny) kitchen spaces. With the current trend of downsizing and the move to small urban spaces, Tecnogas Superiore has introduced a new 24″ gas range. Can you imagine? You still have the functionality and look of a professional gas range but it is only 24″ wide!

24" gas range from Tecnogas Superiore

24″ gas range from Tecnogas Superiore

Not only is the size perfect for small spaces but the range is as beautiful as you would expect from an Italian company. One feature to note is that oven door has a “panorama” window so you can easily see what is going on inside (good for baking those temperamental desserts when you don’t want to be opening the door during cooking). When desired the glass easily pops out for cleaning. There are also  24″ matching ventilation hoods. Looks like a win win to me!

Of course if space is not an issue Tecnogas Superiore has 36″-48″ ranges in a beautiful selection of finishes and styles. This chocolate brown and gold one just about knocked my socks off!

Tecnogas Superiore 36 range

Tecnogas Superiore 36 range

I also love this white and gold one.

Tecnogas Superore 36" range in White

Tecnogas Superore 36″ range in White

Possibly my favorite range in the group is this 48″ red model. I would LOVE to design a kitchen around this beauty.

48" range from Tecnogas Superiore

48″ range from Tecnogas Superiore

Of course I am drawn to the look and color but this stove has features any serious cook would flip over. According to the company’s website:

“It is the first range that combines the precision of gas burners with the convenience and efficiency of induction, and the luxury of an easy clean electric griddle, combined with large capacity main and auxiliary gas ovens in one 48″ free standing unit.” 

It seems like a cooking trifecta to me, gas, electric and induction all in one unit! Although I didn’t get to see any of the ranges in person you can be sure I will be checking them out next January while at KBIS.

Tecnogas also has equally beautiful hoods like this white one which matches the white range above.

Tecnogas Superiore 36" hood

Tecnogas Superiore 36″ hood

Or this alternate style in red.

Tecnogas Superiore 36" hood

Tecnogas Superiore 36″ hood

Aren’t they beautiful?

I want to say a huge thank you to Tecnogas Superiore for not only introducing me to their products but for hosting our DesignHounds London five star dinner. It was such a treat!

Tecnogas Superiore London dinner

Tecnogas Superiore London dinner

So designers and kitchen remodelers, be sure to keep Tecnogas Superiore on your radar because I predict they will be causing quite a stir in the luxury range market and giving the other “big guys” some serious competition.





Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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