Hi Friends, today I have another super helpful yet mostly unknown iphone camera tip to share with you.

More often than not, the difference between a good photo and a great photo is timing. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see photographers walking around with their DSLR cameras around their neck. They are always ready to capture the perfect moment in time if a great photo opportunity presents itself.

What happens though when you only have your iphone and you see the perfect image yet only have a second to grab it before it’s gone? This happens often if you think about it, especially when photographing kids, pets, or any kind of action. It happened to me on Saturday when I was driving home and saw the most amazing light hitting a church steeple. It was dusk and for about 10 seconds the setting sun lit up the steeple and bathed it in the most surreal light I have ever seen. I stopped the car (right in the middle of a rotary), jumped out, grabbed a single shot and it was over. Had I not known about this iphone trick I would have missed the shot. I already shared this photo on IG and FB so if you are seeing this image for the third time I do apologize.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Side note: Had I had more time I would have re-positioned myself so the scraggly bushes weren’t in the foreground but believe me when I tell you I only had a couple seconds to take this single shot before the light was gone and the magic was over. 

So when seconds make a difference do you know how to access the iphone camera instantly? If you are like me you probably have your phone locked. Entering the pass code, then scrolling to the camera app can take 10-15 seconds or more. It’s a tiny amount of time but it can cause you to miss the moment.

There is a hidden feature on the iphone that very few seem to know about. To bypass entering the lock code and then locating the camera app, all you need to do is open the home screen and swipe your finger left. You will then have instant assess to the camera. Watch below to see how fast I was able to take a photo without entering my 6 digit pass code and then scrolling though two screens to open the camera app.

So the next time you want immediate access to your camera, or like me, see a once in a blue moon photo you will now know how to access the camera before the moment has passed.

I don’t know if other phones have this same ability as the iphone but I would love to know so please share if your phone has a similar feature.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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