After last weeks post about our lucky red Feng Shui closet, I received multiple requests to show more photos.

In case you missed last weeks post, here is a quick recap. Shortly after purchasing our home I hired a Feng Shui consultant to come for a consult. It turned out our “wealth area” on the Feng Shui bagua map was our master closet. At the time of purchase, the walls were never painted, just primed matte white and they were all scuffed up. The closet had cheap wire shelving along one wall and quickly became an unorganized mess. I wish I had a before photo but I will tell you it was bad.

Here is our closet today.

Feng Shui closet

My side of the closet

Now, just to remind you, the closet is staged for putting the house on the market. It’s usually clean with very little clutter but not this clean nor this uncluttered. My shoes are stored in those hat boxes because they looked messy on the shelves.

red Feng Shui closet

Hubby’s side of closet

The first change our Feng Shui consultant told us to make was to paint the walls red. This would increase the good vibes of our home’s wealth area. He then suggested cabinetry to keep it clean and organized. Finally, he advised us to keep symbols of wealth in plain view such as jewelry, a glass jar filled with coins, and vacation photos. We did every single thing he suggested and for the past twelve years I have won more contests and have had better luck than I ever had before.

jewelry wealth signs in feng shui closet

So there you have it. Our lucky red closet.

Several of you also asked where the “wealth area” is located. I am not a Feng Shui expert by any means but from what I understand, the wealth area is the farthest left corner of the house (as you are facing the front door) and that is where our closet is located.

I’m going to miss several things about our current house but I think I will miss my closet the most.



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