Get ready for some more serious tile eye candy because today is part two of the six tile trends I spotted at the Spanish tile show Cevisama. If you missed my first three trends you can catch up here.

Today’s post is mostly photos so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the latest in tile trends.

4.Textile inspired tile trends

Textiles and porcelain have teamed up to create some beautiful new options for tiles. Some of the tiles looked so much like fabric that I had to touch them to believe they were porcelain. Plaids, prints, even herringbone tiles were on display at the show.

textile inspired tile trends :Linda Holt Photo

textile inspired tiles:Linda Holt Photo

Shagreen (shark or ray skin) which is so popular right now for case goods is also a tile trend. You can’t tell in the photo but they feel exactly like real shagreen.

Shagreen tile trends

Shagreen tiles: Linda Holt Photo

Plaid which is also trending for interiors was spotted on tiles. Wouldn’t this Burberry inspired plaid be fun for a mud room floor?

Plaid Tile trends

Plaid Tile: Linda Holt Photo

These new textile inspired tiles are possible because of new advances in both 3-D and ink jet printing technology. It’s amazing what they can do now that even a few years ago was not possible.

textile inspired tile trends

textile inspired tiles:Linda Holt Photo

Beautiful white textile inspired tiles are right on trend yet have a longer “shelf life” than some of the bolder statement tiles above.

white textile inspired tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

One of my favorite textile tile was this white lace tile. The tile is on top and the fabric inspiration is shown below it.

textile inspired tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

5. Metallic tile trends

These metallic tiles below were some of my favorite finds at the show.

Metallic inspired tile trends

Metallic Tiles: Linda Holt Photo

Porcelain tiles that resemble hammered or oxidized metal were especially popular. I see these being used more in a commercial space but they were absolutely gorgeous. The sizes and shapes varies from planks to large squares. Metallic tiles below, behind a vintage leather sofa reminded me of vintage gym lockers or the grill on a radiator cover.

Metallic tile trend

Metallic tiles: Linda Holt Photo

3-D metallic tiles were another find from the show.

3-D metallic tile trend

3-D metallic tiles:Linda Holt Photo

Copper looking wall tiles would make a beautiful statement black splash in a kitchen.

Metallic tile trend copper

Metallic tiles:Linda Holt Photo

industrial look tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

6. Geometric tile trends

Geometric tiles are also hot hot hot for tile trends. Not only for shape but in lay out as well.

geometric tile trends

Linda Holt Photos

Hexagon shaped tiles had a large presence at the show as did triangular and rhombus shaped designs.

hexagon shaped tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

geometric tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

red and navy geometric tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

white textured geometric tile trends

Linda Holt Photo

So that wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed my tile trend pictorial. I want to give a huge thank you to Tile of Spain for opening my eyes to all the many choices in tiles today from Spain. My head is spinning with ideas and I can’t wait for my next project where I can specify tiles.

I’d love to hear from you. Which tile trend is your favorite?

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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