Hello lovely readers! I have just returned from the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Show (KBIS) in Orlando. This is my fourth year attending the show and I think this year’s show was the best yet.There were so many exciting, innovative products and beautiful booth displays. Of course I want to share everything with you and I took over a thousand images. Since I know most of you (especially me) do not want to scroll through a REALLY LONG blog post, I have decided to break up my trend report into several bite sized pieces. I always like to start off with a dedicated post on color. This is a good way to show you some larger vignettes so you can get a good feel for what was trending overall. Part two and three will highlight seven other trends I saw while at the show. I also have a bonus post planned highlighting my favorite new finds from KBIS. So here goes part one, COLOR TRENDS.  Enjoy!

As always, all images are mine.

Colors at KBIS 2018: Overall, I can sum up the colors at KBIS in four words, Black, White, Gray (charcoal) and Gold. My friend Arianne Bellizaire had the honor of designing a kitchen vignette for Perlick and her color choices were right on trend with what I saw in so many of the displays.

Perlick: Design by Arianne Bellizaire | KBIS 2018 | Linda Holt, Boston MA Interior Designer

Perlick: Design by Arianne Bellizaire

Black and white or gray and white with gold accents was by far the number one color combination I saw.

Black, White and Gray bathroom at Kohler

Black, White and Gray bathroom at Kohler

How do you keep black, white and gray from being boring? Make it graphic and bold!

Ann Sacks black and white tile with soaking tub KBIS 2018

Black and White bathroom at Ann Sacks

This graphic and bold shower from Coastal Shower Doors also in black, gold and white.

graphic shower door trend KBIS 2018

Coastal Shower Doors

Charcoal cabinets were popular for many of the kitchen and bath displays and blue was often used as the accent color as shown by the glass tile in the image below.

dark gray cabinetry color trends KBIS 2018

charcoal cabinets at KBIS 2018

Dark gray was not only popular for cabinets but for appliances as well. Several vendors showed off their new darker stainless steel appliances which they call graphite or charcoal. Unlike the shiny stainless of today, the matte finish doesn’t show finger prints so makes for much less maintenance.

Burlington Designer Linda Holt: Graphite gray colored wine cooler

Graphite finish wine cooler from Liebherr

If a dark gray colored refrigerator isn’t for you how about this golden stunner made of satin brass, also from Liebherr? The hand stitched leather handles really takes this to a whole new level of luxury!

gold satin brass refrigerator, color trends from KBIS 2018

Liebherr satin brass refrigerator with leather handles

Wood stained cabinets, which we haven’t seen much of recently, are making a come back as well. Not the heavily stained version but lightly stained where the wood grain is clearly visible.

lightly stained kitchen cabinets

lightly stained wood cabinets

This wall sample of cabinet colors from WoodMode Cabinetry was a great representation of what I saw at the show. The bottom right being the most prevalent of what I saw. Notice too the several choices for dark gray and also black.

kitchen cabinet color trends KBIS 2018 Linda Holt Creative

Cabinet Wood stain options from WoodMode

Black Matte is still going strong as are very sleek and clean lined faucets.

sleek matte black faucet trends KBIS 2018

Sleek Black Matte faucets

Satin brass is also still trending along with industrial “pipe” like fittings.

Linda Holt Creative spots color trends at KBIS 2018

Industrial pipe like faucet

Neutral colored counter tops were also heavily weighted toward warm grays, white and black.

quartz counter top color trends from KBIS 2018

Quartz colors

On a side note, granite is OUT! Quartz and quartz like products is the current trend for counter tops.  I don’t remember seeing a single slab of granite displayed at the show.

quartz color trends kitchen and bath show 2018

Viatera quartz counter tops

For color lovers like me, I don’t want to leave you with the idea that there was no color at all at the show. For the most part their wasn’t much but when there was color it was bright, it was bold and it made the statement in an otherwise neutral space. Here are few examples of colorful products that I spotted.

The two sinks below would go a long way to brightening up a neutral bathroom don’t you think?

black floral botanical sink color trends from 2018 kitchen and bath show

Kohler Floral sink

Winchester designer Linda Holt shares floral sink color trends from KBIS 2018

Floral sink

Colorful ranges make great statement pieces for a white or neutral kitchen. This one below from Blue Star can be had in any of the colors seen in the jar of knobs next to the stove. They even make one in Pantone’s color of the year Ultra Violet!

blue range color trends from 2018 kitchen and bath show

Blue stove from Blue Star appliances

Hestan, known for their culinary products has recently entered the appliance space and they showed off a bright cobalt blue statement refrigerator.

cobalt blue refrigerator from 2018 kitchen and bath show: Color trends


I was told their ranges and refrigerators can be ordered in any of the colors show by these hanging spoons.

appliance color trends from 2018 kitchen and bath show

Lastly, Thermador debuted a complete custom program where you can have virtually anything painted on your appliances that you like. This colorful art wall is really a bank of refrigerators.

custom paint job on integrated appliance wall

Thermador custom painted refrigerators

So there you have it! The colors of KBIS 2018. The one thing I want to stress is to be careful of picking your colors based on trends. Color trends for me are fascinating but it’s not unlike reading your future with a magic eight ball. Shake it up and everything can change. Color trends come and go and my best advice especially with kitchen and baths is to choose colors and materials you love and don’t worry about what is on trend or not on trend. Neutrals are timeless and often have a longer “shelf life” than bright colors but even neutrals change over time. Three years ago at KBIS it was primarily cool grays and now it’s warm grays. Remember, it’s your home and unlike the booths at KBIS, you won’t be redesigning it next year for the next show.

I would love to hear from you. Are you a fan of the black, white, gray and gold color palette for kitchens and baths? Would you be so bold as to purchase an ultra violet stove or a bright blue refrigerator?

Be sure to check out part two of my 2018 Kitchen and Bath Trend Report HERE.

If you are thinking of doing a kitchen or bath remodel in 2018 and need some help, either big or small, send me a message. I am filled with both knowledge and excitement at all I saw at KBIS and would love to help.

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