Last week I had the privilege of traveling to LA as a sponsored DesignHound courtesy of Modenus to attend the 2018 Dwell on Design trade show. This is a four day event that is meant to inspire architects and designers.The exhibition and conference feature the best in modern furnishings, lighting, accessories, kitchen and bath, home technology, outdoor, and design materials.

The show was small this year which was a great opportunity to make the floor rounds and really spend some time with the vendors.I always enjoy speaking with the “makers” and artists. It is inspiring to see the creativity and thought that goes into creating something by hand. Since photos are my gig, here is a pictorial summary of the show.

Dwell on Design 2018

Wearable Architecture from Zimarty was a show favorite. Their jewelry is remarkable and each one is unique. Check out×18-presto-ultramarine-18-in-pillow-1988946.htm?partid=social_pinterest_pdp their website to see more of their wearable architecture.

“Zimarty is an experimental design studio founded in Los Angeles, working at the intersection of architecture and technology.We think a delicate small scale architecture that can fit in your hands have as much as an impact as a building.  As a result, our works are at the extreme of either range from  building scale structure to human scale  wearable. Our product is our architectural model which is inspired by nature structural forms, and 3d printed by latest technology. Our design studio is a magic box to find new adventure & step out of our comfort zone. We love exploring natural phenomena to learn and create what we call Wearable Architecture.”

architectural inspired jewelry

Another show favorite was Capsule Wallets. These wallets are stripped down to the minimal. Each one is hand made and a work of art.

“Capsule was created to challenge the design of products we use every day. Most are just good enough, but they should be better.”

Capsule wallets

Another favorite exhibit for me was Method Homes. This is a West Coast based company that makes modular homes that don’t look like modular homes. They are sleek, modern and the insides are beautifully designed with designer touches. As many look toward smaller living, these homes are filling that need with style.

method home

Method Homes

method home kitchen


method home bedroom

California is WAY ahead of the rest of the country in their concern and respect for the environment. There was a fun exhibit of furniture made from recycled materials. It might not be something you are ready to embrace for your home right now but the point is to raise awareness of what is possible. Check out pendant made from coffee stirrers and tennis ball chair.

tennis ball chair and rubber band light

Or how about a chair made from recycled street signs?

recycled sign chair

And for all you wine drinkers out there…

cork chair

Dwell on Design had student “white box design challenges”. The students created beautiful spaces.

white box design challenge

student design challenge

Another fun exhibit was Swing Tables. Here I am trying it out with a few of my fellow DesignHounds. We wondered if it might be challenging to get kids to stay still long enough to eat their dinner but look at how much fun were having!

The highlight of the show for me were the speakers. Jonathan Adler was the opening speaker and he was both funny and humble. It was a pleasure to get to meet him afterwards in person. As famous and multi talented as he is, he still refers to himself simply as ” a potter”.

Jonathan Adler

The second speaker was Karim Rashid. I didn’t get a photo of him because we were a few minutes late getting to his talk and had to sit way in the back. Karim Rashid is quite a prolific designer. His genius includes designs for furniture, lighting, packaging, residential spaces, hotels, and products.

Karim Rashid

He generously gave each of the DesignHounds a signed copy of his book. It’s probably the heaviest book I have ever owned and thought for sure it would put me over weight for the plane. There was NO WAY I was going to leave it behind.

Karim gave a very thought provoking talk. I wish I had recorded it because there were so many “ah ha” moments. One thing he believes is that the digital age has killed the profession of art and design. His reasoning is that EVERYONE now has the tools to design and create on their own. We all carry around a professional level camera in our pocket. Music no longer has to be made in a sound studio. It can can be created at home and instantly shared to millions via YouTube. The general public has access to almost any product a designer can get.

Karim stressed the importance of being the very best creator you can be. He used the expression  “cream always rises to the top”. Those that are the very best will still have relevence but the mediocre will fail.  He told us all to think outside the box and always be willing to push the boundaries. Never give up and keep on creating. Like I said, it was a very thought provoking message.

We then finished out day one of our tour with the Dwell on Design VIP roof top party.

LA VIP Dwell on Design partyFor a designer, life doesn’t get much better than this!

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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