Here we are!  One Room Challenge week 3. I returned from High Point Furniture Market last night and of course nothing was accomplished while I was away. Now I find myself staring down the barrel of a two week time frame before my photo shoot. Let’s just say I am slightly nervous. I need to seriously kick it into high gear this week and next.

Before the furnishings go in and the styling can begin, I first have to get the room ready. The painting and wallpapering are finished. The master closet is almost done, but the molding has not yet been started. I will be working on that this week.

1. Paint 

If you remember back at week one I shared that my husband does not like dark walls. I knew the wallpaper was pushing it so I decided to paint the three remaining walls a light neutral. I chose a very soft gray from Benjamin Moore called Classic Gray. It looks very pretty with the wallpaper and takes the edge off of the current white walls painted by the builder. I also picked a barely there blue for the ceiling, also from Benjamin Moore, called Constellation.


The bathroom has also been painted. I was sure to have them use Benjamin Moore Bath and Spa paint, which is my preferred paint for bathrooms. I chose a color called Perspective from the Benjamin Moore color Stories Line. Perspective is a cool blue-gray that has the same undertone as the marble tiles. A warmer gray such as a green-gray would have fallen flat against the cool blue marble tiles. Even though there is very little wall space in the bathroom, getting rid of the stark white walls added warmth and depth to the room.

2. Wallpaper

My wallpaper from Fabricut is up. It has completely transformed that long boring wall into a thing of beauty. The paper is Margulies and it is just stunning. I can’t wait to see my statement headboard against it.

wallpaper installation

3. Trim

In most cases, if I am specifying wallpaper for a client I’m also specifying crown molding or trim. It finishes off the room and hides any crooked lines from the wallpaper. In New England many of the walls in our older homes are not perfectly straight and a wallpapered wall can highlight that. Although that’s not the case with our brand new condo, I have a different issue.

One of the design challenges in our bedroom, besides the long narrow shape, is a low ceiling. The first floor has almost nine foot ceilings (which I love) but the second floor has a ceiling height of just over seven feet. I wanted to come up with a solution that might give the illusion of a taller ceiling and reached out to ORC sponsor Metrie.

Metrie is North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of interior finishings. I knew if anyone had a crown molding that might trick they eye into making a ceiling look taller it would be them. Sure enough they do. Ashley from Metrie was so helpful and recommended I use 3 9/16″ MDF crown molding. This trim is shorter on one side and longer on the other. When installed upside down with the longer side on the ceiling, the trim tricks the eye into believing the ceiling is taller than it is. That is exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. It’s not installed yet but I held up a piece and it is going to look great. I still need to paint it and get someone to help me out with the installation but I am so excited about it.

Metrie crown moulding

4. Master closet installation.

This weekend we should be able to finish up the closet.  I’ll keep the full view a surprise until the reveal but I do want to show you a sneak peak of the hardware and ceiling light. For the closet drawers, I choose these satin nickel pulls from ORC sponsor Schuab. I wanted something modern with clean lines and these are beautiful. They are the jewelry in the room and elevate the whole design.
Schuab 221-15S

Speaking of jewelry, look at this gorgeous ceiling light I chose for the closet. It is from ORC sponsor Crystorama. I wanted to have a bit of glam in my closet but with just over 7′ ceilings, any type of hanging chandelier was not an option. The flush mount Broche from Crystorama at slightly under 6″ drop is perfect. Much to my surprise, my husband immediately picked this one out of the three choices I gave him. I thought for sure he would go for a more plain Jane one, but he said he really liked this one a lot!

gold flush mount light from CrystaramaIt is so fabulous and adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to an otherwise fairly utilitarian space. I also intentionally mixed my metals because I think it adds an interesting layer to the room. As you will also see in my final reveal I plan to style the shelves with yellowy-gold tone baskets. A good tip to remember when it comes to choosing color or finishes is to try and have something else in the room that will relate to the chosen color.

Next up on my to do list for week four:

  1. paint crown molding and find someone to install it
  2. find a table to put between the two reading chairs
  3. source a dresser for opposite the bed (we can still use more clothes storage)
  4.  create or purchase artwork
  5. check in with my workroom and schedule the drapery install
  6. finalize carpet choice and schedule delivery
  7. BEDDING!!! I haven’t even started to think about this.

I’m sure there is more but this is what I can think of at the moment.

If you want to catch up on week one and two the links are below

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Be sure to see how the other designers are doing this week. Some are taking on HUGE projects (the English Room) and although I am nervous for myself I am more nervous for them!

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