Tick tock, tick tock….It’s the final count down.I feel like I just got going but here we are at the One Room Challenge week 5. Three…more…days. That’s how much time I have before my photo shoot. As I type this I am still waiting for the dresser, the bed sheets, the drapery, several pillows, the bed skirt, some artwork and some accessories. Everything is scheduled to arrive by Friday morning (insert praying hands emoji). To say I am a little worried is an understatement.

The good news is that my crown molding from ORC sponsor Metrie is installed! My cabinet maker knocked it out of the park and did such an amazing job. I can’t wait to show you how awesome it looks in my reveal. On the left is a before and on the right is a sneak peek of the after.

before and after crown molding

In today’s final post before next week’s big reveal I want to share with you the final elements going in my room.

My Plan

This is my updated mood board for my boutique hotel inspired master bedroom.

ORC 2018 Master bedroom mood board

The Final piece of Furniture

I’ve shared all my furniture pieces with you in earlier posts except for the dresser. I was really late on securing this final piece so I had nothing to share until now. We haven’t owned a dresser in at least twenty five years. Both our previous home and the one before that had built in drawers in the closet or in the bedroom itself. We needed a dresser while we were living in the apartment but I wasn’t ready to buy one until I knew where we would end up.

My original plan was to find a vintage piece and paint it. While searching, I found a few that were possibilities but the drawers were really difficult to open and close. Another one I liked had a bad musty smell. Since the dresser will be used daily, I decided a new one with easy to open and close drawers (and no funky smell) was a better option. It also had to compliment the two white bedside tables that I ordered from ORC sponsor Hayneedle. 

It was during the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour that I spotted the perfect piece at Universal Furniture. It’s a beautiful, slightly distressed, gray painted dresser called the Soujourn. After speaking with my Universal Rep and the powers that be, Universal said they would like to be a sponsor and gifted me the dresser. I am so grateful because it was the last piece of furniture I needed. I REALLY hope it shows up before my shoot.

Universal furniture Sojourn dresser

The Final Layers

Now that the bones of the room are complete (paint, wallpaper, carpet and molding) and the furniture has all been ordered it’s time to share the final layers; lighting, bedding, pillows and artwork.


I chose two of these Laconia Lamps from ORC sponsor Hudson Valley. They are solid brass and absolutely GORGEOUS. They have somewhat of a steam punk vibe and look like beautiful sculptures on the bedside tables.


Hudson Valley laconia Lamp

For the reading area I changed it up and chose a sleek nickel finish floor lamp from Lamp Plus. I had actually ordered only one light but they accidentally shipped two. Once I had placed one next to one chair I realized I absolutely needed another one for the second chair. This time a mistake worked in my favor! These high tech lamps have an invisible touch switch on the top that allows for three different light settings. I chose them for the look but the option to change the light intensity is my favorite feature.

Possini Euro Eliptik Swing Arm LED Floor 

Floor reading lamp


The bed is the center of attention in the bedroom and beautiful pillows and bedding create a beautiful bed. I can honestly say I am super excited to make the bed. I have all new bedding and it is going to be such a treat.

For the bed I choose three custom made 26″ x 26″ square pillows from One Room Challenge sponsor Arianna Belle. These will be my foundation for layering two shams and one bolster pillow. They arrived over the weekend and the packaging was as beautiful as the pillow covers. A lovely note was included and I felt so special. These are the pillows except my piping is light blue.



For the two reading chairs I choose two leopard print pillows from another ORC pillow sponsor SWD studio.

These two pillows also came beautifully packaged with a hand written note. It’s extra touches like this that really elevates the online buying experience. I don’t know about you but I never received a hand written note from Amazon or Target.

blue leopard print pillow

I am also having my workroom make two pillow shams and a bolster. The pillow sham fabric is Devon from Fabricut.

Devon from fabricut


The shams will be trimmed with a Stroheim trim called Jonah that mimics the scrolls in my wallpaper.

Stroheim trim Johna

The final pillow will be a round bolster in Lucas from Jane Churchill for Cowtan and Tout.


The drapery fabric is Belle Bloom in Sun ray from Robert Allen. I asked my workroom to make them with black out lining. If you remember back to week one, I shared we have a high powered spot light facing directly into our bedroom. Hopefully the black out lining along with the existing shade will darken the room.

belle bloom sunray


The other really important part of the bed is obviously the sheets. We owned (notice the word “owned”) three sets of king sized sheets but here’s the story. When we recently upgraded to a king mattress, we decided to go all out and buy a super lux set of sheets. Once we had slept on such high quality sheets we were hooked and purchased two more sets. In what I can only describe as a cosmic joke, we accidentally donated all three sets of our very expensive sheets to the Salvation Army. We can’t remember actually doing this but it must have been during our frantic purging right before the move. By the time we realized what had happened it was too late, the sheets were gone. Since we were still in the middle of the move I went to a big box store for an emergency purchase. The quality is nothing like the ones we “donated” and I feel sad every time I think of the situation.

ORC sponsor Roostery is stepping in and helping us out with new sheets. Yeah!! I am so excited that these light Blue Gingham sheets will be soon be on our bed. Now I don’t know if you’ve heard about Roostery but what  a genius idea for a home decor business. “Founded in December 2015, Roostery is building a unique home décor marketplace where you’ll be able to select from over 350,000 indie surface designs or upload your own patterns and bring them to life on an array of home décor products.” If time wasn’t of the essence I would have uploaded my own photo and created personalized custom sheets. As it was, as soon as I spotted these light blue gingham ones I knew they would be perfect.

blue and white checked sheets



Thanks to ORC sponsor Jill Rosenwald I am incorporating this unique artisan herb pot. Jill posted this image on Instagram and my pot is in the lower right corner. I custom chose the pattern and the color. Now I just have to find a plant to put inside.

herb pots from Jill Rosenwald

For the most part I am using existing belongings for styling the bookcase and accessorizing the room. While at Market though,I could resist buying this blue Egyptian water lily from Bliss Studio for the bedside table. It is so unique and the perfect color.

metal water lily

I am also putting this beautiful white faux orchid into my room. Shay Geyer of IBB Design, who is also one of the twenty featured designers, has an online shop. She offered to be a sponsor this season with both her beautiful rugs and faux botanicals. I chose this white orchid and when it arrived it was impossible to tell it wasn’t real.

white faux orchid

art work

I’m using a mix of custom art and affordable prints. The two smaller prints on the right are from ORC sponsor Minted and will used for styling the shelves to add some color. The larger piece on the left, also from Minted, will be in the master bathroom.

Left: Dawn Light by Lise Gulassa              Middle: Architecture of Flow by melanie mikecz      Right: Blue Agave by Amanda Phelps

Minted art for Fall 2018 ORC

Along with the prints from Minted, I created my own DIY art. The starting point were these two UGLY and dated pieces of art work I spotted at the Habitat restore. Oddly one was priced $9.00 more than the other. Can you spot a difference? I couldn’t but since the money goes for a good cause I said nothing and paid.

art frame makeover

There is absolutely nothing about this art that would work in my room. What does work is the size, the shape (square) and the texture of the frame. After dismantling them and tossing the “art”  I painted the frames a bright yellow. They are going to make a bold statement and add a pop of color and whimsy.

yellow frames

The final pieces of art going into my room are two botanicals I purchased at High Point Market and two pieces of custom art painted by my friend Pamela Copeman. If you aren’t familiar with Pamela’s art you have to check out here website. I currently own three of her paintings and they are some of my favorites. You’ll have to wait until the reveal to see the final pieces and what I put inside those frames.

One more week!

If you want to catch up on the past four weeks before the reveal you can read them here.

My room: One Room Challenge Week One

The plan: One Room Challenge Week Two   

Progress: One Room Challenge week Three 

Upgrading finishes from builder basic One Room Challenge week four

I’m assuming the other designers are either stressing out big time or happily wrapping it up. I would put myself some place right in the middle. Let me just say Wednesday next week can not come soon enough!

Be sure to see where the other nineteen designers are at week five and don’t forget to check in with the link up participants on Thursday.

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