Welcome to the One Room Challenge week two. I remember back to week two last Spring and I don’t think I had a single thing accomplished in my space. This go around I feel so much more on top of things. I know that feeling can change in an instant so I can not let anything slide. In Week One I shared that the inspiration for my master bedroom transformation are the Fermdale boutique hotels.

One of the signature design elements of the hotel bedrooms are wallpapered accent walls and statement head boards.Today I am sharing my headboard design and fabric choices for what I have dubbed my boutique hotel inspired master bedroom

My Headboard Design

I started my bedroom plan knowing I wanted to create a statement headboard to go against a wallpaper accent wall. While looking online for inspiration I found this image on my Design FYI  Pinterest board.

headboard shapes

None of them were exactly what I wanted but one of them became the inspiration for my final design. I took the design that was closest to what I had in mind to my upholsterer and between the two of us we came up with a modified version of the Portman. I think it will be a good scale over a king sized bed and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


When I decided to do both wallpaper and a statement head board I didn’t realize how challenging it would be. Designers always say we are our own worst clients. This was so true for me. I would find a wallpaper I liked but wouldn’t be able to find a fabric I loved with it. Then I would find a great fabric only to fall short on the wallpaper search. After many days of searching I finally found my perfect match and it started with this fabulous blue wallpaper.


Fabricut Margulies wallpaper

I wanted something bold but not so bold that I would grow tired of it in a few months. This beautiful blue paper from Fabricut called Margulies was exactly what I was looking for. The tone on tone scroll design has slightly raised dots and this paper will add so much depth to that big long wall.


Once I settled on my wallpaper choice I was on the hunt for my headboard fabric. It was one of those times where the fabric found me. While looking for drapery fabric for a client’s dining room I came upon this large scale print. As soon as I spotted it I knew it was “the one”. The colors spoke to me first but I also liked the way the vines related to the scrolls in the wallpaper. Once I put them together it was magic.

Jane Churchill Paradise Garden

The online file photo really doesn’t begin to do this fabric justice. It is a large scale embroidered fabric with the most beautiful colors of citron and aqua. Against the blue wallpaper it really pops. The pattern is Paradise Garden from Jane Churchill. Once I secured the wallpaper and head board fabric I was off and running. I found coordinating fabrics for drapery, pillows and a bed skirt.

Bedroom fabrics for ORC

These are the coordinating fabrics I chose. Top left: Fabricut: Devon: Color Cloud  Middle left: Fabricut: Good To Go: Color Delft   Bottom Left: Fabricut: Capri-F: Color Chartruese   

Upper Right:Jane Churchill: Lucas: Color Lime    Bottom right: Robert Allen: Belle Bloom: Color Sunray  Trim: Stroheim: Jonah in Color Ocean

There is also small swatch from ORC sponsor Arianna Belle. She is making me three custom 26″ x 26″ pillows for the bed. The white face fabric is Sunbrella and the piping is available in multiple colors. I’m so happy about the Sunbrella fabric because these will be the pillows we will be using to lean our heads against while we are reading or watching tv in bed.

MY Furniture Plan

I still am working on my furniture plan but this is what I have so far.

ORC Fall 2018 Master bedroom

I started my bedside table search looking for either painted or stained, white wood that looked slightly vintage. When I spotted these beauties online I knew they were perfect. Two Amity 2-Draw nightstands from ORC sponsor Hayneedle. They arrived this week and I absolutely love them. Not only do they have deep drawers for desperately needed additional storage but easy glide open and close drawers. That was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.

white bedside table

Two small scale Rosie swivel chairs from Circle Furniture are prefect for the reading area. I chose these chairs because I wanted something modern to contrast with the more traditional bedside tables. As a designer, I like to mix things up and have pieces from different eras and different styles. I find it more interesting and longer lasting than a room all done with similar style pieces. Of course I always use color to tie things together.


I also chose two of these walnut and iron bookcases from ORC sponsor Article.

walnut modern bookcase

In all honesty, I had not heard of Article before the challenge. They sell online only and the prices are great. These are due to arrive this week and I am looking so forward to getting boxes of books off the floor. I’ve always dreamed of having a designated reading area in the bedroom and soon I will.

Lastly, the new closet system my husband ordered arrived. I was a little taken aback when I came home to see this pile of boxes and these weren’t even all of them!


He worked on it all last weekend and already things are looking up in there. I am so excited to have drawers and an organized closet. Simply because of time restraints I decided to keep the walls white. I will let the clothes and accessories be the added pops of color.

easy closet closet system

The painters came on Monday and the wallpaper installation is scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll update you on that progress in week 3. I leave for High Point, NC for Fall market on Friday. I will be gone until late Tuesday so I have a lot to do before I go. My goal for week 3 is to:

  1. Source a room sized carpet (15′ x 9′)
  2. Find a dresser to go across from bed
  3. Order lamps for bedside tables
  4. Source pillows for swivel chairs
  5. Confirm that work room has received all fabrics

Be sure to check in on the other designers progress for week two and on Thursday catch up with the link up participants.

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If you missed week one you can catch up here: One Room Challenge Week One.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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