Spring Market was last week and as usual, it was inspiring, exhausting, and fun. I walked many miles each day so that I could see as many different showrooms as possible and report back to you. It’s a thankless job, but hey, I live for this stuff!  Since photos are my thing, this post is light on text but heavy on visuals. I think you all prefer it that way anyway. So grab a drink and enjoy my many photos of Color and Design Trends from Spring 2019 High Point Market.

As I have done in years past, my trend report will be broken up into several posts. I am starting off with three trends.

  1. Color trends

  2. Sheltering at home

3. Pattern mixing

Color and Design Trends from High Point Market


Overall, greens dominated the showrooms. Blue continued to have a strong showing as did gray and other neutrals but green was the truly the stand out color. Unlike last Fall where I saw yellow as an emerging color, I saw very little yellow this Spring.

Emerald GREEN:

Rich vibrant Emerald green was prominent in many show rooms, especially green velvet!

Color Trend Emerald Green

Wouldn’t you just love to snuggle into one of these soft comfy pieces?

2019 color trends , emerald green

Wallpaper has been trending for awhile now and this fun pattern by designers House of Harris for Chaddock Home was a big hit.

emerald green velvet sofa design trends


Besides Emerald green, this muted teal color, which I dubbed “the color of Spring Market”,  was everywhere!

teal colored channel back swivel chair

When I looked over all my hundreds of images, I counted over three dozen different images with this teal green color used on furniture, walls and accessories.

curved teal velvet side chair

Here is a variation of it on this cool accent wall.

color trends: muted green RED

An unexpected color for me this Spring was the prevalence of red. The Thibaut showroom, which is always on the leading edge of trends, had a fabulous red room vignette.

2019 color trends RED

Designer Alexa Hampton went all in on the color red for her new collection for Theodore Alexander. It was such a show stopper!

2019 color trends RED

I’m personally not a fan of painted red walls but after seeing this dramatic dining room at Chaddock Home I might just have to adjust my thinking! Notice the Blue chairs paired with red.

2019 color trends RED



The biggest color surprise of Market for me was the use of red and blue together. Someone must have spread the word to the show rooms that red and blue was the new trending color combination because red and blue was used in so many showrooms. It’s such a fresh unexpected color combination that we haven’t seen used much in years.

2019 color trends blue and red

This red velvet head board against the Navy grass cloth was stunning at Julian Chichester.

2019 color trends blue and red

Another red painted wall with a blue velvet sofa.

2019 color trends Blue and Red

Dunes and Duchess is one of my favorite stops during Market and they were right on trend with their new red lamp (love that shade!), red and blue Wendy console and blue mirrors.

2019 color trends Blue and Red

I even saw quite a bit of red and blue art work to coordinate with all those red and blue rooms.

2019 color trends blue and red


2. Sheltering at home

Cozy, curvy and comfy are the three words I would use to describe the overall feeling of upholstery pieces this Market. I think the current polarized state of our country has caused a need to have our homes become a sanctuary. We want to shelter at home among plush, soft furniture that pleasures the senses. Curved furniture that envelopes the sitter, sumptuous textures like fur, velvet and playful fringe all played a staring role this Spring. So much of the furniture was right out of the 80’s.

Rich looking and feeling tufted velvet sofas were plentiful at Market and what is more cozy than a faux blue fur?

design trends, velvet and fur

Besides soft velvets, textured nubby fabrics and fringe was also all trending.

design trends, fringe on chairs

Fringe was not only spotted on furniture but pillows and lighting too.

design trends, fringe pillow

How fun are these fringe pendants from Hudson Valley Lighting?

Design Trend fringe

Fur pillows seem to be trending as well. NOT my thing but they are a good example of the soft and cozy texture trend.

decorative fur pillow

Curved sofas as well as rounded and oval coffee tables and end tables out numbered square and rectangular pieces.

curved gray sofa design trend

An exaggerated oval arm on a curved sofa shown in the ever popular teal green.

Besides upholstery pieces there were lots of ovals seen in case goods. This golden oval console table was at E.J. Victor.

design trends oval console table

Oval shapes were also trending for side tables like this one at Bernhardt Furniture.

rounded end table design trend

An oval  bench at the end of the bed at Christopher Guy.

oval bench design trends

Curved tufted velvet sofa paired with a curved coffee table.

design trends. round wooden coffee table

Another rounded tub chair shown in teal to envelope the sitter.

rounded chair design trends

3. Pattern mixing

Oh boy, I had some serious flashbacks to my youth this Market. Patterned fabric on chairs and sofas is back big time! I’m almost sure the chair below is the same fabric that was on the sofa in our den circa late 70’s early 80’s. My mom paired it with an Emerald green wicker coffee table. She was always so on trend and she would get such a kick out of knowing her 70-80’s decor was “fresh” at Spring Market. It’s back to the future in interior decorating.

design trends floral fabric on chair

Big bold statement fabrics were mixed in with patterned rugs and wallpaper.

patterned fabric design trend

patterned fabric on chair design trend

Every year I spot one fabric that is “all over market”. Last year it was a deep cobalt blue cheetah print. This year it was the print on this chair below. I counted four chairs in four different showrooms all dressed in this same 70’s retro fabric.

Design trend patterned fabric on chair

This chair below look like it could be right out of the Jetson’s 60’s TV show.

60's inspired patterned fabric on chair

If that first floral chair was from my childhood home then this fabric below was from my grandparent’s house. Sorry, but I think I am too old to think this flying geese fabric is chic again. All I see is my grandfather sitting there smoking his pipe while reading some hunting magazine.

bird fabric on chair

What I can embrace though are the more modern colorful patterns. I just love this blue painterly fabric from Denise McGaha’s new line for Design Legacy.

Design trends, patterned fabric on furniture

The pendulum is swinging way to the opposite side after years of seeing so many white rooms on Instagram and Pinterest . To me, all those rooms look and feel the same and tell nothing about who lives there. The public seems to love the look because that is what gets all the “likes” and followers on social media. I really think it is more that we all want to imagine we have clean, uncomplicated, and uncluttered spaces since life is so stressful. White rooms give that impression in photos but no one lives in a photo.

patterned fabric on sofa

After living in sparse white rooms, we are now looking to express ourselves and once again embracing pattern and color. Spring Market was full of it.

bright patterns design trend

It made me happy just standing in these spaces.

pink sofa with colorful patterned pillows

The appeal of mixing these bold patterns is that we can truly make our home uniquely ours. Note* there is a fine balance between skillfully mixing patterns and colors and making a hot mess, but study the photos above and you will see there is a cohesive thread. The scales of the patters vary but the colors all relate. If you need any help though give me a call for a consult!

I hope you enjoyed the first three trends. Next week I will be sharing three more.

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these trends. Which ones do you love? What do you think of the geese fabric? Am I the only one who can’t get on board with that?




Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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