Interior design trends from Spring 2019 Market

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Welcome to part two of Interior Design trends from Spring 2019 High Point Market. If you missed part one, you can catch up here. Color and design trends from Spring market 2019 part one.

In part two I have three more trends to show you. As usual, this post is photo heavy. I’d rather show you what I saw than tell you. My final three interior design trends are:

 #4 Pushing the Boundaries

 #5 The natural world

 #6 Handmade over factory produced


#4 Pushing the Boundaries

This Spring I saw a lot of modern European design influence. I am guessing this trend is a direct result of Pinterest and Instagram as we are exposed to more global design. The younger generation especially, is looking for statement pieces and unique items. Manufactures are accommodating by pushing the boundaries of shape and materials. Many of the new introductions had altered “traditional” proportions.


trends, pushing th boundaries in furniture design gray chair with small back

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Here is a chair with a generously sized round base and a slim rectangular back.

trends, pushing the boundaries in chair design

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Furniture with curves on steroids were trending at Spring Market.

exaggerated rounded arm sofa

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This asymmetrical chair was very similar to one I had seen over two years ago at the Decorex design show in London.

trends: asymmetrical chair

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These swivel stools with backs were so cute. I would love to place these in a client’s house. They were mini but very comfortable.

mini swivel chairs

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 #5 The natural world

Our technology driven lives has us all yearning to bring some nature into our lives. Greenery, insects (especially beetles), snakes, shells, feathers, birds, geodes, and raw natural wood were so prevalent this market. In general, wood finishes on furniture was trending toward lighter this market. Light gray is still popular for table finishes but I also saw a lot of natural brown wood.

Design trends Natural elements

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Butteries were especially popular this Spring market. The sad thing is I read that many species of butterflies are on the verge of extinction. Seeing these preserved specimens maybe all we have left in the near future.

Butterfly decor

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Adding some living or faux greenery is always on trend.I really loved these.They look so real but are faux.

wall art with moss plants

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Tree rings was the inspiration behind this rug. The one on the floor was inspired by reflections on water.

tree inspired carpet

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I’m not a fan of trophy animals whether it’s large game or puffer fish. It makes me sad. Personally, I’d rather see animals left alone in the wild than captured for someone’s coffee table.

puffer fish as artwork

Now here is something I can definitely get behind, photographs of the natural world.

trends: photography of nature art work

Besides organic items, the use of organic materials is trending. Rattan, wicker, rope, and sea grass were spotted in both furniture design and lighting. Notice the raw wood vases and lamp base. (I should have edited out the water bottles but didn’t notice them until it was too late).

natural materials on lights and furniture

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Cane was also trending at Market both for furniture and lighting.

pink and yellow cane stools

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Rope chairs next to a natural teak table.

rope chairs


Natural wood nesting tables, rope mirror and root console.

natural wood tables


 #6. Hand made over factory produced

Artisan, bespoke, however you want to say it, the demand for hand made items is on the rise. Many consumers are looking for things that their neighbor doesn’t have or wasn’t purchased from a catalog.  Etsy and similar creative driven sites have allowed custom pieces to become attainable to the public beyond the luxury consumer. High Point Market has several floors of a building dedicated to artists showing their products.

These organic shaped hand blown glass pieces are always a favorite of mine at Market.

hand blown glass accessories


This chandelier was one of a kind and was inspired by birth. It looks like it is about to shed it’s primordial skin and start it’s life as a chandelier.

organic shaped wrapped chandelier

This creative skeleton furniture is a perfect example of something unique and handmade.

trends: 2019 skeleton furniture from High Point Market

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Lastly, I don’t know if this qualifies an official trend, but pimento cheese on white bread were in almost every single showroom. What is the deal with that? My friend says it’s a southern thing and absolutely loves them. I say it’s disgusting. Please weigh in folks!

pimento cheese sandwiches

Yay or nay to pimento cheese sandwiches?? Also, would love to hear what you like, don’t like or any other thoughts on these six interior design trends.

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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