Hello friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post but I have a good reason for my silence. I have been hard at work creating my soon to be released iphone photography class for interior designers. It has been a labor of love but man, what a huge amount of work. Today though I took a break from writing to share some exciting news with you. This coming October, I will be leading a High Point Market Insiders tour. 

What is the High Point Market Insiders Tour?

The High Point Market Insiders Tour is specifically for new buyers or those that haven’t been to Market more than once within the past few years. It is organized by the Market Authority in conjunction with Esteem Media (the same folks who put on the Design Influencer Conference). I think it is one of the best new offerings at Market. Why? because Market is overwhelming for new attendees. There are 12 million square feet of showrooms. It’s nearly impossible to visualize just how big Market is until you make the trek and see for yourself. There are buildings so big you can get lost with all the different “wings” that shoot off of each floor.

I remember my first time attending Market in 2013. I went with my friend Kim Macumber and we had no idea where to go or which buildings to visit. We spent a good part of Market aimless wandering around in circles while searching for specific showrooms, or the right color shuttle. We would have LOVED the chance to go on one of these tours.

I still laugh at this photo which was taken during our first Market. We were trying to get from one building to another (we were told they were connected) and somehow ended up in the basement of the IHFC building. The funniest part is that we were so tired we actually walked all the way down this hallway before we realized this couldn’t be right.

lost below ground at High Point Market

Why attend The HP Market Insiders Tour?

1.First of all, I promise you will not end up in the IHFC basement!

2. Make the most of your first trip to Market

Thanks to the HP Market Insiders Tour, you don’t have to waste your first visit overwhelmed, trying to navigate the maze of buildings and vendors. I will be leading a curated  tour to some of my favorite showrooms. It will be a nice mixture of big name vendors, along with small independent Makers. There may even be some photography tips thrown in to help you with your social media posts!  By the end of the day you will have a feel for the lay of the land and will have visited some great showrooms.

3. Get out of your design rut

Do you feel like you have been in a design rut, using the same vendors over and over? This tour is your chance to discover some new vendors and product. As a color lover, I gravitate toward showrooms that are visually stimulating, have fine craftsmanship and align with my practical, family focused clients.

2019 color trends , emerald green

I’m also a big cheerleader for the small independent Makers. Their products are often one of a kind and it feels good to support these artisans. It’s such fun to spend some talking to these artists and learning the story behind their brand. It’s something valuable you can pass on to your clients. This will also be part of my tour.

yellow African baskets

4. Get inspired with education

HP Market has a wide selection of educational events to choose from. There are seminars on everything from tends, to best business practices, to pricing, to how to get a licensing deal. We will be attending one educational event during our day together. Many of the seminars and talks take place in the showrooms . This is Stacy Kunstel of Dunes and Duchess giving a talk on building your Instagram account.

informal education at High Point Market

Stacy Kunstel giving a talk at Market on building your Instagram account


Market can feel lonely for first time attendees, especially if you travel alone. Spending the day with a like minded group is not only fun but allows for great networking opportunities. I have met so many friends at market who I previously only knew online. Besides making new friends, all the big names in the industry are there for you to connect with. It is one of two times a year that you have access to the brand’s top brass.

6. It will be fun!

The High Point Market Authority has done an exceptional job of making Market a “must attend” destination for designers. Yes, we are there to meet with our vendors and source new product but Market is also fun. There is food and drink in almost every showroom and in the evening you have your pick of dozens of cocktail parties. There is also big name entertainment out in the square.

So…have I convinced you to join me this October 19th to come along my Insider Tour? If so, here are the requirements and a link to sign up. Oh, by the way it’s FREE!

  • High Point Market Insider’s Tour – Fall 2019 is free for new buyers to participate.
    A new buyer is a member of the home furnishings industry who meets all the qualifications for a buyer pass and has attended not more than one of the previous four Markets (Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019).
    Also, the applicant has not participated in a previous Insider’s Tour.
  • Application process is open from July 16 through September 30. But the sooner you apply, the sooner you can be qualified to attend this tour and able make travel arrangements.
  • Buyers are responsible for their hotel and travel arrangements to High Point.
    High Point Market will provide a concierge to help in their travel arrangements and will contact the applicant after they have been qualified to attend as a Buyer for the Insider’s Tour.
  • Buyers must be available to attend High Point Market on Saturday, October 19, from approximately 8:30am until 6:00pm and this includes the mandatory orientation breakfast at 8:30AM on Saturday, October 19.


Interested in signing up? Click the link below. I’m excited to meet you!





Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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