Wow, week one sure flew by. It’s now One Room Challenge week two, or Project Fresh Start. If you have found my blog through the ORC I am decorating the main living space of our new downsized condo as a link up participant in the Fall One Room Challenge. If you missed week One you can catch up here: One Room Challenge week One

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The floor Plan

To quickly summarize, my ORC space is a tiny 361 square feet. It is the main floor living space of our condo. The kitchen is on the left, sitting area is to the right of the kitchen island bar and the dining area is nook in the hallway across from the kitchen. To make a furniture plan even more complicated, a traffic way cuts directly through the space leading to the back patio.

Floor plan ORC Fall 2019

In this new small space, all the furniture and carpets will be new. I am starting with a blank slate because none of the furniture or carpets from our previous home fit into our new downsized condo. Now in full disclosure, I did a lot of pre-ordering in the weeks leading up to the start of the challenge. I had to or nothing would have arrived on time. The tiles for the kitchen back splash had an eight week lead time and some of the furniture had a ten week lead time. Just as important was the availability of my tiler and wood worker. I couldn’t exactly call them up on week one and expect them to drop everything for me. I scheduled both of them months ago in order to get on their calendar for mid October. Fingers crossed they both come through.

I’m feeling nervous that everything will arrive on time. Some of the expected delivery dates are Oct 30-31st. That’s cutting it close and will most likely result in sleepless nights as we get closer to the reveal.

The design plans

Sitting area

My plan for the space is to keep it light and bright. The walls were all freshly painted White Dove before we moved in. Since the first floor is one open space I am fine with keeping the walls White. Another plus is that the first floor is flooded with natural light so White walls work great. If it was a dark space I would have chosen a darker color. I know that sounds counter intuitive but White walls need LOT’S of light to come alive and not look dingy.

Since I don’t want to live in an all white Pinterest room, I plan to add color and pattern with furniture, carpets and pillows. Below is my design board for the living area.

A design plan for a small sitting area

Below is the plan for the dining nook

Dining nook

Design board for ORC dining nook

Design board for ORC dining nook

How my plan evolved

I am always curious about a designer’s thought process. Why did they choose what they did? Since my ORC challenge is primarily a decorating project, I thought it might be worthwhile to share how I arrived at my choices. After all, I have to fill the weeks leading up to the reveal with something of value as I wait for the furniture to arrive.  I’m going to start in the order of how I chose things. I will explain my first few choices this week and next week I will explain the rest.

Have you ever seen the commercial where a woman plunks down a faucet in front of an architect and says, “design my home around this”? Well in my case, I have a similar story but it involves a bench, not a faucet.

My inspiration

Here’s what happened. Last Spring I attended the Luxury Design Summit. Currey and Company was a sponsor of the event and brought all the stage furniture. Now at the time, I had no furniture other than the odd mishmash which I showed you in last weeks post. While listening to the speakers I kept eyeing a gorgeous gold metal bench that was on the stage (at the top of my board and below). I could see it working perfectly in front of the window on the long wall of the condo. It had a tall back to protect the glass window but was very open so as not to block the window light.

gold bench from Currey and Company

At the end of the conference, an announcement was made that all the stage furniture was available to purchase at a greatly reduced price. Well that was it. I jumped at that opportunity and had the very first item for our new condo.Getting it home in the back of my smallish car was a crazy adventure, but totally worth it.  Every other choice I made after that revolved around this fabulous bench.

I also happened to mention that I was planning on doing the ORC this Fall and that the bench would be my jumping off point. Well in another stroke of good luck, Currey offered to sponsor my lighting for the challenge. It was a jumping for joy kind of moment because remember when I said I had a budget? Lighting can take a big chunk out of it. To have the offer of sponsored lighting was a godsend. A HUGE thank you to Currey and Company!

The Lighting

While looking over my available options I spotted the chandelier below. I wanted something that would make a statement since the dining area is lacking in charm. Nothing too glamorous though so no crystals or glass. I was thinking classic but with a twist. The lighting I chose was the Brownsea chandelier. I love that it is a traditional drum shape yet the checkered pattern and gold finish makes it special. The finish also pairs beautifully with my Currey bench. The chandelier is no longer available on Currey’s website but I did find it online here.

Currey and Co Brownsea chandelier

I also needed one table lamp. Since  black and white are my neutral colors, I picked the Fare table lamp. It also tied in perfectly with the black and white fabric I chose for the back of the two swivel chairs.

Fare Table lamp by Currey and Company

The tiles

Now that I had a bench and my lighting, the next design decision was to choose an accent color. I decide to start with the back splash tiles for the kitchen. Our kitchen has White cabinets, White counter tops and White walls. As much as I like White, my eyes have been craving color. Since our condo is located in an urban area (our view is the back of an auto body shop) I wanted to bring in the color green to reference nature.

condo view of auto body shop

This is the view out our back door. Two skinny trees and one little bush.Thank goodness for the fence because on the other side it is not a pretty sight.

These hand made green tiles from FireClay are what I chose. The color is called Basil and they are absolutely gorgeous. Since they are individually hand made, each tile is a slightly different shade. I like that fact since the variation will add a little pattern into the kitchen which is currently lacking in personality.

Fireclay tiles in basilI now had my overall color scheme of White and Black, accented with pops of Gold, and Green (with some animal print thrown in). Then it was onto sourcing the furniture that I had put on the floor plan. Next week I’ll explain how I chose the furniture, fabric and rugs, and where everything is from.

Be sure to follow the progress of all the other designers this week! One Room Challenge week two

Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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