One Room Challenge Week Four

Yikes! One Room Challenge Week Four. If you are brand new to my blog, I am decorating our small condo’s main living space as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge. I have dubbed it Project Fresh Start because I am starting from scratch. If you want to catch up and see my process, you can check out the past three weeks updates below.

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One Room Challenge Week Four Updates

Week Four was somewhat of a lost week because I spent the past five days in High Point, North Carolina at Market. While there, I gave an “Insider Tour” to a group of new buyers. We toured some of my favorite show rooms and I helped them acclimate to Market. I could not have asked for a nicer group of women and we all had a great time. Here we are on a private shuttle bus heading to our final showroom. Notice how everyone is still smiling even after a day of walking a gazillion steps.

Market as usual was amazing and I have so many photos and trends to share with you. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until I get through my ORC reveal.

HP Market Fall 2019 Insider Tour

My plane landed back in Boston Tuesday night and the next day my kitchen back splash was installed.

FireClay green tiles

The kitchen back splash

As exhausted as I am from my trip, seeing this back splash progress has completely energized me. The space is actually starting to come together. My tiler will be back in the morning to grout and finish up. It took me almost a year to decide on a back splash. I stressed about choosing such a bold color but now that I see it, I am so glad I went for the green.

In our previous home I was so focused on resale, that in hind sight, I decorated for the next buyer. Because of that, the house did not reflect me. This time I’m making design decisions for myself and my husband and I could care less about the next occupant.

Side note: I want to give a shout out to my tile guy Dan. Although I didn’t mention this in past posts, he got very sick and ended up in the hospital. Once I heard that news I accepted the fact that my back splash most likely would not get installed before the reveal. I was totally fine with that as his health is waaay more important than my ORC tile job.Then I got a call saying he was out of the hospital and wanted to come get my job done. I felt both gratitude and guilt at the same time. He looks great though so I do think he is on the mend.

Time is no longer on my side as there is really only one more week to get things delivered, installed, styled. The end of next week is my photography in preparation for the big reveal at week six. All the remainder of my furniture will hopefully be delivered to my receiver within the next week and the pantry is being installed tomorrow!

The Pantry

If you remember from my photos, we have a very small kitchen and lack both storage and counter space. We do however have an open expanse of wall between the dining nook window and the sitting area window. The pantry will go between those two windows. This is what it will look like.

drawing of pantry

As much as I would have loved pretty glass cabinets above to showcase decorative items, I don’t have that luxury. This cabinet will house dog food, small appliances, coffee, paper towels, and other non perishables. There is nothing pretty about those items so closed storage was the way to go. I will be so happy to finally get stuff off the floors, out of the hallway, and off the top of the refrigerator.

Another bonus is that I’m gaining some much needed counter space. When my family comes over for dinner there is never enough surface space. The additional 51″ of counter space will help that problem. Speaking of the counter top, this is where I will admit I made a mistake.The problem is, I have been so busy that I dragged my feet in getting to the stone yard to chose a top.

The Pantry top

I wanted a remnant since the counter is small and I am at the very end of my budget. Searching for a remnant was just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One was too big, one was too small, one was the wrong color and almost all of them were too high in price. After visiting three stone yards over a two day period, I found nothing I liked and my time had run out. I was leaving for High Point the following morning so I was forced to just pick one.

white quartz gray veins

It’s a white quartz with small amounts of gray similar to the kitchen counters. I had envisioned something much different but that’s what happens when the clock is ticking during the One Room Challenge. Compromise is the name of the game when time is  running out. I’ll style the heck out of it for my photos and it will look fine. Lesson learned though, finding a good remnant in the right color and the right size takes time.

The Bar Stools

I forgot to show you the stools I chose for the kitchen bar. The space calls for something slim that can be tucked under the bar when not in use. Everything I looked at was too bulky and would encroach on the small foot print of the sitting area. Then I found these sleek, walnut with maple wood inlay and white steel base from Tronk Design. They are a perfect fit for the space.

Tronk Design Roberts bar stool

The slightly concave seat is very comfortable and the walnut top relates to the walnut stained floors. A white iron base disappears under the island when tucked in. They might not be the right choice for someone who spends hours sitting and working at the island. In our case though, we use them for 5 to 10 minutes at breakfast so they are perfect.

Week Five Agenda

Dining table and chairs to arrive (praying)

Coffee table, side table, swivel chairs and wing chair to arrive at receiver and then delivered

Pantry installed

Change out kitchen hardware

Find rug for kitchen

Source rug for in front of slider

Decide on art work for walls and hang it

Think about styling ideas for the photo shoot

It will be a busy week going forward but I can almost see the finish line. Don’t forget to check in with all the other guest participants as well as the twenty featured designers.

One Room Challenge Week Four


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