Today I am excited to share with you my amazing trip to Paris Design Week and Deco-Off 2020. First, I want to give you the back story of how I ended up there. I actually had no intention of attending this event, even though it has been on my design “bucket list” for years.

This past Fall the iconic French fabric line Pierre Frey opened at the Boston Design Center. In a very bizarre twist of fate, a friend from almost 30 years ago became the new showroom manager. We had somewhat lost touch over the years but our sons were best friends in day care at age two, up until we moved away his Freshman year of High School.

While attending the showroom opening party with several other Boston designers, we met the NY marking director for Pierre Frey. She extended an invitation to all of us to attend some very coveted events should we decide to make the trip to Paris. Well that sealed the deal and I was making plane reservations the very next day for the four of us.

This was not my first time in Paris but it was my first time attending Paris Design Week. There are two main events, Maison & Objet (MO) and Deco-Off. MO is located on the outskirts of Paris in a huge convention hall. Due to the transit strike (limited trains, buses and metro) we decided to skip MO and focus on Deco-Off. From what we were told it was a good decision because Deco-Off has expanded over the past few years and is now more popular than MO.


Deco-Off is five day event where design showrooms roll out the red carpet; aka free flowing champagne and food. I can’t believe I am saying this but I felt “champagned” out  by the end of the week. Too much of a good thing is still too much of a good thing.

pierre frey studio party

The showrooms are located on both the left and right bank and there are shuttles to help you get around.

The event is so Instagramable. Not only are the narrow French streets incredibly picturesque but Fabric lamp shades are strung overhead indicating the location of the showrooms. We absolutely lucked out with the weather, just look at that blue sky in the photo.

Deco-Off in Paris

As a photographer, I was in heaven with the beauty of Paris. As a designer, I was in heaven with the inspiration I saw all around me. After having attended High Point Furniture Market last Fall, I was curious as to whether I would see similar trends in Paris.

2020 Trends

Overall Trend summary:

Looking over my hundreds of images from Paris design week, I can say that both luxury and maximalism stood out. As a whole, I think the global community is stressed. We fear for the environment, the unpredictability of the economy and the growing tension and anger around our world leaders. Our home is the one place we have of refuge. It is our sanctuary and safe harbor. As a whole, we are spending more time nesting and less time at the mall. We therefore want it to be special and beautiful.

We are looking to surround ourselves with quality items that reflect the story of the hand that made it. Fast fashion and cheep decor are no longer sought after. Although most of us don’t have the budget to fill our homes with only luxury items, we can splurge on one beautiful pillow or one accent wall covered with a fabulous wallpaper. Less might be more going forward but the less, is the best quality one can afford.

1. Colors:

Rich, complex colors are definitely trending going into the new decade. All shades of Greens, along with golds (especially paired with blue), rich reds, denim blue, dusty pinks and terracotta. Color is in and I didn’t see a single bit of gray.

Pierre Frey Gold rugs

pierre Frey embroidered fabric

fabric color trends

Pierre Frey showroom

2. Pattern

Pattern is a HUGE trend heading into the new decade. I had the privilege of attending the press presentation of the 2020 fabrics, wallpapers and carpets by Pierre Frey. I was blown away by the beauty of the new collection and how they presented them as a cohesive collection. They are all designed to work together in a single room and were displayed by colorway. Florals, geometrics, Ikats, and animal prints all speaking the same language.

patterned fabrics

patterned fabrics

Pattern mixing was everywhere in Paris, not only in decor but also in fashion. Side note; I ended up buying the skirt on the mannequin. I don’t have it in me to wear a silver sequined jacket along with it  but I couldn’t resist the skirt at 70% off. Luxury design at a discount…SCORE!!

patterned clothes

Below is a beautiful example of pattern mixing in one of the shop windows. Also, a fun fact about the green fabric on the left. The white “dots” you see all over the fabric is intentional to mimic moth holes. I have a client who just threw out a very expensive carpet because moths got to it while in storage and it looked just like this. I’ll have to tell her that her moth eaten carpet is now right in vogue.

Pierre Frey window Deco -Off

3. Texture

Nubby fabrics, soft silks, rich velvets, textured embroideries, and 3D or sculptural carpets are all trending. All week long I was reaching out to touch all the beautiful tactile materials. Besides the nubby fabric on this slipper chair, also notice the color. This terracotta color was seen in several different show rooms.

Pierre Frey chair

This rich red and blue silky embroidery was just gorgeous.

red and blue fabric

Another surprise was high gloss wallpaper. It’s difficult to make out in the photo but this gold, white and sage green wallpaper actually looked and felt like patent leather.

high gloss wallpaper

I also saw this red patent leather pleated skirt and boots in a nearby clothing store window.

Patent leather skirt and boots

Sumptuous velvets in deep colors was spotted in many of the fabric showrooms.

velvet fabrics Deco Off

They always say that home decor follows fashion trends.I saw a lot of metallic clothing in the shop windows. Again, another texture to add to the mix.

metallic suit

Even lighting was spotted with textural elements such as these fringe covered pendants.

Fringe pendants

4. Animal Motifs

Maybe it’s because we continue to hear disheartening news about the reduction in exotic animal numbers but animal motifs were everywhere!

Pierre Frey animal print fabric

Not only were the animals themselves highly represented but animal skin prints in all forms were trending.

animal print fabric

I fell in love with the new animal themed table top collection from Pierre Frey, manufactured by the French company Gien. I came home with a tray in this pattern below as one of my souvenirs from the trip.

china with animals

5. natural fibers

Natural fibers used for furniture and lighting is a trend that I saw all over High Point Market last Fall. I saw the same thing in Paris. Rattan, cork, wool, wicker, woven straw are all trending. Notice the chair legs on this woven straw chair are knobby for added texture.

woven straw chair

This chair was a mixture of textures with it’s tactile fabric and smooth brass arms accented with natural cork.

armchair with brass and cork arms

Although I think this chair covered in alpaca wool is gorgeous,  I was itching just looking at it.

wool cover chair


6. Curves

Soft rounded shapes reminiscent of the 80’s are all the rage now. Goodbye hard straight lines and hello curves. Curves were also a big trend at Fall Market but Paris confirmed it. We want to feel embraced and cozy in our home and what better way than soft rounded curves that wrap around our body.

2020 furniture trends

This camel back sofa covered in mossy green velvet and accented with a round nubby fabric pillow perfectly sums up the trends.

modern camel back sofa

Overall, it was an amazing week. I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to go back next year but the inspiration I gathered from this one week will last me for at least a year! Viva La Paris!

Lastly, if you are looking to read even more trends, check out this article I contributed to for New Home Source. It’s chalk full of thoughts from designers from all over the US on  2020 trends.

Click HERE to read the report.


Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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