Three weeks ago, life for most of us was humming along as “normal”. Just last week I was still on a high after being with my friends and not bumbling my iPhone presentation at the Design Influencer Conference in San Francisco. Now, nothing is normal. Starting last Friday, after much pressure from my adult sons, my husband and I have been self isolating at home. It has been made crystal clear that they think of us as 90 year olds with severely compromised immune systems.

My husband’s company mandated everyone work at home beginning last week. He is thrilled because he has been wanting to work from home for years. For me, I feel life has been turned upside down. Normally I visit client’s homes two to three times a week. I go into the Boston Design Center regularly and I grocery shop every few days. Now I am home, feeling trapped. My daily thoughts fluctuate between “this is a great opportunity to get a bunch of things checked off my to do list” to, “I feel like making a batch of brownies and eating the whole pan.” Adding to my anxiety is my husband’s regular updates about how many points the market is down.

Why worry about surviving the virus only to end up living under a bridge once this is all over? Anyway, I digress…

The Doers and everyone else

After spending way too much time on social media these past few days I realize there are two kinds of people self isolating at home. The “doers” and everyone else. The doers are amazingly productive during their self isolating time at home. When they finally are allowed to emerge they will have children that have learned a second language and visited every museum in the US, virtually on the computer. Their homes will be fully decluttered, closets will completely organized and their book shelves will be photo worthy.

Then there is everyone else. These people, myself included, will muddle through the best they can. We will have good days and bad days. Productive days and days when we just want to eat all the brownies. One of my clients is a corporate executive and she has been told to work from home. She has four young kids and I laughed when she sent me this photo after I asked her how it was going.

funny meme about home schooling

An Idea and a fun challenge

Yesterday I read an article that said doing something creative is one of the best ways to reduce stress. One of my friends, Pamela Copeman, is creating a painting a day to share on social media. I think this is brilliant and I look forward to her daily posts. This prompted me to came up with an idea. I have created a Facebook group for anyone who wants to tap into their creativity using their cell phone camera.

The Facebook group is called the Isolating at home cellphone photo challenge. Each morning I will post a new cellphone photo challenge that can be done inside your home or yard.This is meant be a non stressful, fun diversion so please don’t think you must have amazing photography skills. The first challenge was “favorite isolation comfort food”. I was expecting lots of junk food postings but much to my surprise I saw what looked like lots of healthy gourmet dishes.

Susan Serra shared this yummy looking pizza.

Home made pizza by susan Serra


Check out these Lucia rolls from Janet Pendleton Lorusso

easter rolls

Carla Aston not only baked a home made chocolate cake but styled it pretty too!

chocolate cake

So if you are looking to have a bit of fun, just click on the link below and join.

Isolating at Home cellphone photo challenge

This fun Facebook group is just one small way to combat the stress. And remember, we are all in this together. Stay safe my friends!




Linda Holt | Interior Designer & iPhone Coach

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